Chaucer's Works inscribed by George Buc

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In 1597 George Buc was given a copy of the 1561 edition of Chaucer's Works by Lady Margaret Radcliff, one of Queen Elizabeth's maids of honor. Buc inscribed this information on the title-page of the volume; the same volume includes marginal annotations in the hand of Robert Tofte.

This information was reported by F. B. Williams, Jr., "Robert Tofte," Review of English Studies, 13 (1937), 296; and thence by Mark Eccles, Brief Lives: Tudor and Stuart Authors, in Studies in Philology, Texts and Studies (Fall, 1982), p. 18. Williams had examined the volume through the courtesy of its owners at the time, Messrs. Ellis of 29, New Bond Street, London.

Subsequently the volume was acquired by Maggs Bros.; advertised in Catalogue 937 , "Association Books," Autumn 1971, item 39; and sold in 1976 to a private individual.

The 1976 purchaser has since died, and the subsequent disposition of the volume is unknown.

Any information on the current whereabouts of this volume will be very much appreciated.

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