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Printed Books Annotated by Buc (except play quartos)

  1. British Library I.A.55232 (STC 13609): John Alcock, The Abbaye of the Holy Ghost (1479?).

    Title-page contains inscription:

    by John Alcok B{isho}p of Ely.

  2. British Library C.12.b.13 (STC 11588-9): Stephen Gardiner, A Declaration of such true articles (1546).

    Title-page contains inscription:

    By Steuen Gardiner B{isho}p of wynchester.

  3. John Rylands University Library, Manchester, 16805 (STC 360.3): Edmond Allen, A Catechism (1550).

    The flyleaf contains the following inscription:

    W Tindall wrote divers other works vnder sundry titles among wh{ic}h is that most worthy monument of his intituled The obedience of a christian man. Fox martyrol. in K{ing} H{enry} 8 [fol 2] to{m} 2 fol 282 [pt] col 2 70.

    His suite to ye King to declare his successour for p{re}ventio{n} of warres It{em} p. 986 col 1 50

    1. Tyndal's Obedience of a Christian Man.

    2. Allen's Catechism. 1550.
    It seems that Buc's note actually applies to Tyndall's Obedience of a Christian Man (many editions 1528-1561: STC 24446-53), a copy of which may once have been bound with this copy of Allen's Catechism.

  4. Folger Library (STC 18748): Thomas Nun, A Comfort against the Spaniard (1596).

    Title-page contains inscription:

    Written by Tho. Nun{n} minist{er}.
    The name of the author appears at the end of the dedication, so in this case Buc was not providing new information.

  5. Bodleian Library 4o Rawl. 569: F[rancis] G[odwin], A Catalogue of the Bishops of England (1601) (noted by Kincaid, p. xxi).

    Title-page contains inscription, Quid retribua{m}? G. Buc; also, the ascription is improved as follows in Buc's hand:

    By F. G. Subdeane of Exceter. & prebendary of Wells vt videatur fol. 300. 1601. & now Bishop of Landaff. 1606.

    The date of the title-page annotation is clearly 1606. The volume has been annotated by Buc throughout.

  6. Emmanuel College, Cambridge S5.2.9: Bisciola, Lelio, Horarum subseciuarum tomus primus (Ingolstadt, 1611).

    Title-page contains inscription: Quid retribua{m} D{omi}no? G. Buc; also, the title is improved as follows in Buc's hand:

    Tomus Primus, et 2. Tomus est invisibilis.
    Apparently Buc calls the second volume "invisible" because he could not find it. In fact, the second volume was not published until seven years after the first, that is, in 1618 (British Library Catalogue of Printed Books).

    Inscriptions by Buc occur in the margins of columns 311 (signed G. B.) and 334.

  7. A Geographicall and Anthologicall Description of all the Empires and Kingdomes, both of Continent and Illands in this terrestriall Globe (1618: STC 23136); Huntington Library RB30626. The initials G. B. appear in brown ink on the title-page.

  8. Chaucer, Geoffrey, Works (1561).

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