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Tuesday, 19 December, 5-8 p.m., 160 Kroeber Hall. BRING BLUEBOOK(S)

Papers will be returned at the final exam.

Second Paper, due Wednesday, 29 November.

Compare any tale in Chaucer to the Wife of Bath's Prologue, the Wife of Bath's Tale, or both. Try to show, with appropriate analysis and citation of specific passages, what kind of influence the Wife of Bath has on the other tale and/or the pilgrim who tells the tale. The tale you choose to discuss may reconsider an issue introduced by the Wife of Bath; may serve as a "weapon" to "quit" the Wife of Bath; or may even (if you can make a sufficiently subtle argument) avoid an issue raised by the Wife of Bath.

You will be held to the "Instructions for writing papers" in the link on the calling page.

First Paper, due Friday, 13 October.
Pick a passage of up to three stanzas in length. Analyze this passage as a piece of poetry, discussing such elements as metaphor, simile, dialogue, irony, structure, or argument. Then apply your analysis to one of the three principal characters in Troilus and Criseyde. The point of the paper is to elucidate character in the story by reference to your selected passage. The paper should be approximately 1000 words in length. Print out the passage on a separate sheet, and attach this to your paper, for example between the cover-page and the body of the paper.

Mid-term examination rescheduled for Monday, 16 October.

Old Announcement(s)

Reading 7-9 P.M. Thursday, September 14, 2600 Buena Vista Way
Buena Vista is about 7 blocks north of Campus, connecting with Euclid (turn right one block north of Cedar) and La Loma (turn left one block north of Cedar).

English 111                CHAUCER                     Fall 2000
Mr. Nelson                                             30 Wheeler Hall

NB: Introductions and relevant prologues and/or epilogues are included in the reading for the day.

Mo Aug 28 Introduction; "Adam Scriveyn"
We     30 Book of the Duchess
Fr Sep 01

Mo     04 Labor Day Holiday
We     06 Romance of the Rose (selections)
Fr     08 Troilus and Criseyde, Book I

Mo     11 
We     13 Troilus and Criseyde, Book II
Fr     15

Mo     18 Troilus and Criseyde, Book III
We     20
Fr     22 Troilus and Criseyde, Book IV

Mo     25 
We     27 Troilus and Criseyde, Book V     First Paper Due
Fr     29 Canterbury Tales: General Prologue

Mo Oct 02 
We     04
Fr     06

Mo Mar 09 
We     11
Fr     13 Midterm Examination

Mo Mar 16 Knight's Tale
We     18
Fr     20

Mo     23 Miller's Tale
We     25 Reeve's Tale; Cook's Tale
Fr     27 Man of Law's Tale

Mo     30 Wife of Bath's Prologue
We Nov 01 Wife of Bath's Tale
Fr     03 Friar's Tale; Summoner's Tale          Second Paper Due

Mo     06 Clerk's Tale
We     08 Merchant's Tale           [double-penalty for absence]
Fr     10 Veterans' Day Holiday

Mo Apr 13 Franklin's Tale           [double-penalty for absence]
We     15 Pardoner's Prologue and Tale
Fr     17 Shipman's Tale

Mo     20 Prioress's Tale
We     22 Tale of Sir Thopas; Tale of Melibee    [double-penalty for absence]
Fr     24 Thanksgiving Day Holiday
Mo     27 Monk's Tale                            [double-penalty for absence]
We     29 Canon's Yeoman's Tale                          Third Paper Due
Fr Dec 01 Parson's Tale; Retraction

We     06
Fr     08

Final Examination: Tuesday, 19 December, 5-8 p.m.

Notes on class business

1) You are expected to have read each assignment in advance of the class-period in which that assignment is discussed, and to make regular contributions to class discussions.

2) You are expected to attend class regularly: attendance will be taken most days. Unexcused absences beyond three will result in a reduction in the final grade by one grade-increment (i.e. from B- to C+) for each such absence.

3) Do not miss class on the day a paper is due: missing class is a graver sin and will incur a harsher penalty than submitting a paper a day late.

4) Several Chaucer readings will be organized during the semester, late-afternoons and evenings. Although you are not required to attend, you are urged to participate in at least one reading.

5) You are reminded of the Department of English policy regarding plagiarism.

6) Final admonition: You are required to read all poems assigned over the semester. The mid-term and final examinations will be designed to test whether you have done the required reading. Failure to accomplish the required reading will be grounds for a failing final grade regardless of how well you may do in other aspects of this course.