English 114B: English Drama to 1603

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Compose an essay one of the three Marlowe plays read in class, comparing it to any non-Marlowe play read in class. Discuss some characteristic or topic shared by the two plays.

An obvious choice is necromancy in Dr. Faustus and Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay; you are free to write on this topic, or on any other topic shared by any two plays.

Make certain that you have checked instructions for writing papers by clicking on the appropriate link in the calling-page.

English 114A     English Drama to 1603       Spring 2000
Mr. Nelson                                   30 Wheeler
TTh 8:00-9:30


Note: A copy of this tentative reading schedule, and routine
announcements, will be posted on the instructor's website:

Week 1
Tu Jan  18  Introduction to Medieval Drama
Th      20  Second Shepherds' Play (NA)

Week 2
Tu      25  Everyman (NA)
Th      27  J. Heywood, The Four PP

Week 3
Tu Feb   1  Stevenson, Gammer Gurton's Needle
Th       3  Preston, Cambyses

Week 4
Tu       8  Sackville & Norton, Gorboduc
Th      10  Gascoigne, Supposes              First paper due

Week 5
Tu      15  Lyly, Gallathea
Th      17  Peele, David and Bethsabe

Week 6
Tu      22  Kyd, The Spanish Tragedy
Th      24

Week 7
Tu      29  Marlowe, Tamburlaine the Great I & II
Th Mar   2

Week 8
Tu Mar   7  Marlowe, The Jew of Malta
Th       9

Week 9
Tu      14  Marlowe, Doctor Faustus
Th      16

Week 10
Tu      21  Marlowe, Edward II
Th      23  Greene, Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay
                                    SPRING RECESS
Week 11
Tu       4  Anon., Arden of Feversham
Th Apr   8  Nashe, Summer's Last Will and Testament

Week 12
Tu      11  Anon., Mucedorus
Th      13  Dekker, The Shoemaker's Holiday

Week 13
Tu Apr  18  Heywood, A Woman Killed with Kindness
Th      20

Week 14
Tu      25  Jonson, Volpone (NA)
Th      27                    Second paper due

Week 15
Th May  4

Final Examination: Saturday, 20 May, 8-11 a.m.

Class policies.

1) Students are expected to attend class regularly.  Attendance
will be taken regularly.  Excessive absences (beyond thre) and/or
persistent tardiness will result in a reduction in the final

3) Students are reminded of the Department of English policy
regarding plagiarism (posted on instructor's website).

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