Office Hours of Vanessa Gregory, Reader: Mondays, 12:30-2:30, 304 Wheeler

Final Examination: Tuesday, 17 May, 8-11 a.m., 3 Le Conte Hall

Readings for Thursday, 7 April

Readings for Tuesday, 12 April

Readings for Thursday, 14 April

THIRD PAPER (due Thursday, 28 April)

Analyze a poem (or a passage of 20-30 lines) from one of our post-1550 authors. (Choose a poem different from the one you examined in your second paper.) Compare the poem as it appears in the edition used in class (or in another modern edition) to the poem as it was first printed. (The purpose of this exercise is to understand and evaluate editorial intervention.)

Use all of the following research tools. Mark and attach photocopies and/or printouts so your Reader will not be forced to repeat your steps. Exceptions: 1) Use of microfilm is optional. 2) If printout of ODNB would be more than two pages, attach first and last page only.

You may elaborate on the assignment by checking microfilms in addition to checking EEBO, and by tracing the poem through successive early editions.

SECOND PAPER (due Thursday, 17 March)

Compare any poem (or work of prose) by Sidney to any poem (or work of prose) by one of our pre-1550 authors.

MIDTERM EXAM (Thursday, 24 February)

Exam will be in three parts: 1) Identifications (with explanations); 2) Metrical analysis; 3) Essay on some subject discussed in class.

Exam will last 50 minutes; class will reconvene for discussion of Sidney Astrophel and Stella 72 to end.

FIRST PAPER (due Thursday, 10 February)

Explication of Pre-1550 Poem

Choose a poem from the anthology or from the internet (or other source) by Skelton, Wyatt or Surrey; the poem should not be one which has been studied at length in class. Analyze the poem in a paper of approximately 1000 words (4 pages) as follows:

SIDNEY SELECTIONS for Thursday, 3 March

Read "Certain Sonnets" pp. 14-41 in The Major Works; concentrate on Nos. 3, 4, 6, 8-11, 17, 23, 25, 26, 31, 32, and "The Lad Philisides" (pp. 38-41).

Instructions for Writing Papers

Departmental Policy on Plagiarism

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English 115A   The English Renaissance            Spring 2005
Mr. Nelson        (The 16th Century)              110 Barrows
TTh 9:30-11:00 Tentative Reading List

NB: Numbers refer to pages in the Norton Anthology (7th ed), vol. I.

Week 1
Tu Jan 18 Introduction: historical scope; metrics
Th     20 NA 469-98; Skelton (499-503); Wyatt poems except sonnets

Week 2
Tu     25 Castiglione, The Courtier, tr Sir Thomas Hoby (577-93)
Th     27 Wyatt: Sonnets (527-9; also 'Stand whoso list,' 534)

Week 3
Tu Feb  1 Surrey (569-77)
Th      3 More, Utopia

Week 4
Tu      8 ditto; History of King Richard III (523-6)
Th     10 Roper, Sir Thomas More   First paper due

Week 5
Tu     15 Cavendish, Cardinal Wolsey
Th     17 Sidney (909-11), Astrophil and Stella

Week 6
Tu     22 ditto
Th     24                          Midterm Examination

Week 7
Tu Mar  1 The Defense of Poesy
Th      3 Poems (selection to be announced)

Week 8
Tu      8 The Old Arcadia
Th     10 The New Arcadia; letters

Week 9
Tu     15 Spenser (614-6); The Shepheardes Calendar (617-22)
Th     17 Amoretti (863-8)         Second paper due

SPRING BREAK 21-25 March

Week 10
Tu     29 Epithalamion (868-78)
Th Apr 31 Marlowe (970-1); Hero and Leander (971-9); poem (989-90)

Week 11
Tu      5 Ralegh, Poems (878-88)
Th      7 Other authors, works, and genres 539-67, 600-5, 955-69,

Week 12
Tu     12 ditto
Th     14 ditto

Week 13
Tu     19 Shakespeare (1026-7); songs (1067, 1095, 1105)
Th     21 Sonnets (1028-43)        Research (third) paper due

Week 14
Tu     26 Donne (1233-5); Songs and Sonnets & Elegies(1236-57)
Th     28 Holy Sonnets (1268-19)

Week 15
Th      5

Final Examination: Tuesday, 17 May, 8-11 a.m.

Notes on class business.

1) Students are expected to attend class regularly.  Attendance will
be taken at the instructor's discretion.  Persistent absences will
result in a reduction in the final grade.

2) Students are responsible for checking the Instructor's website at
the beginning of the semester, and regularly throughout the semester.
See particularly announcement concerning the Department of English
policy on plagiarism; and instructions for writing papers.

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