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New Announcement/s

Final Examination will be given during regular class-period, Thursday, August 12.

Exam will consist of four parts: I: Identifications (9 passages given; full credit for identifying 8); II: Short essays (like essays for our quizzes) on 4 historical topics; III: Metrical analysis and explication of one poem whose text is given; IV: General essay on 17th Century English poetry.

Answer-sheets for parts I and II will be collected at 11:00. Parts III and IV will be written in bluebooks.

General recommendation: refresh your memory of assigned poems; skim through class notes. Part IV in particular will be judged on amount of detail you provide.

Old Announcement/s

Poems to be read for Tuesday, August 10 (check again Sunday evening for possible additional poems):

Henry Vaughan: To Amoret; The Search; The Shower; The Retreat; Peace; Corruption; The World; The Book

John Dryden: Astraea Redux (1660); To My Honored Friend, Dr. Charleton

Thomas Traherne: Wonder; The Rapture; Love; On Leaping over the Moon

Second and last full paper, approx. 1000 words. Discuss three poems supporting or opposing the Carpe Diem argument. One of these three poems must be Milton's Sonnet 9 (pp 397-98), which stands in stark opposition. For the other two poems, choose one which starkly represents the Carpe Diem argument, and one which stands somewhere in between. Briefly discuss the three points of view. Paper due Thursday, August 5.

Milton poem to be read for Tuesday, August 3: Lycidas

Marvell poems to be read for Tuesday, August 3: All poems pp 533-40 (not including "Nymph" poem.

Marvell poems to be read for Thursday, August 5: All poems pp 540-55.

Milton poems to be read for Tuesday, July 27: All poems except L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, and Lycidas

Milton poems to be read for Thursday, July 29: L'Allegro, Il Penseroso

Milton poem to be read for Tuesday, August 3: Lycidas

Quiz scheduled for Tuesday 27 July will cover ODNB Milton bio to 1640; and poems assigned for that day.

Poems to be read for Thursday, July 22:

Crashaw: Upon the Infant Martyrs; On Mr. G. Herbert's Book; Saint Mary Magalene or the Weeper

Denham: Cooper's Hill (skim)

Lovelace: To Lucasta. Going to the Wars; To Althea. From Prison; La Bella Bona Roba; A Fly Caught in a Cobweb

First full paper, approx. 1000 words. Locate (via EEBO) the first and the second edition of a "shape" poem of your choice (Herbert or Herrick). Begin your paper by comparing all three versions of the poem. Then analyze the poem with reference to its "shape" in any or all of its versions. Paper due Thursday, 22 July.

Poems to be read for Tuesday, July 20:

Carew: All poems pp 295-99; A Rapture; To Ben Jonson; An Elegy ... Dr Donne; To a Lady That Desired I Would Love Her

Randolph: Gratulatory to Mr. Ben Jonson; Upon the Loss of His Little Finger; On the Death of a Nightingale

Waller: Upon Ben Jonson; On a Girdle; On St. James's Park; Of English Verse; Of the Last Verses in the Book

Suckling: A Sessions of the Poets; all poems pp 415-18; A Ballad upon a Wedding; all poems pp 426-7.

George Herbert poems to be read for Thursday, 15 July: The Altar; The Sacrifice (read selectively); all poems Good Friday through Sin [I]; Whitsunday; Church-Monuments; The World; The British Church; The Collar; Mary Magdalene; Death; Doomsday; Judgement; Heaven; Love [III].

Robert Herrick poems to be read for Tuesday, 13 July: All poems pp 181-92; 194-7; 205-6; 208-10; 219-24.

William Basse's Eulogy on Shakespeare.

Ben Jonson poems to be read for Thursday, 8 July: All poems pp 120-8 (including Charis poems0; 131-2 (A Nymph's Passion); 132-3 (My Picture Left in Scotland); 149-53 (Shakespeare poem; Vulcan poem).

Negenborn translation of Catulllus.

First written exercise: Staple together, in one "packet," an untouched EEBO photographic copy of a Donne poem of your choice; a marked-up copy; the transcription available through EEBO; and a photocopy of the poem from our anthology. Add to this packet, at the beginning, an extremely brief comparison (in your own words) of the poem as it was first printed with the poem as it appears in our anthology. Exercise due Thursday, 8 July.

Dr Johnson (18th century) on Donne: "About the beginning of the seventeenth century appeared a race of writers that may be termed the metaphysical poets. ... [they] were men of learning, and to show their learning was their whole endeavor; but, unluckily resolving to show it in rhyme, instead of writing poetry they only wrote verses. ... they cannot be said to have imitated anything; they neither copied nature for life, neither painted the forms of matter, nor represented the operations of intellect. . . . Of wit they have more than enough. The most heterogenous ideas are yoked by violence together; nature and art are ransacked for illustrations, comparisons, and allusions; their learning instructs, and their subtlety surprises; but the reader commonly thinks his improvement dearly bought, and, though he sometimes admires, he is seldom pleased.

Ben Jonson poems to be read for Tuesday, 6 July: All poems pp 83-90; 104-7; 151-3. Also read Jonson on Shakespeare and Donne, pp 722, 731, 732.

Donne poems to be read for Thursday, 1 July: All "Holy Sonnets," pp 69-75; "Good Friday 1613: Riding Westward."

Donne poems to be read for Tuesday, 29 June: The first eight Songs and Sonnets in our anthology, plus "Valediction: Of Weeping," "The Flea," "A Nocturnal on St. Lucy's Day," "A Valediction: Forbidding Morning," "The Ecstasy," and Elegy 8: "To His Mistress Going to Bed."

All readings will be taken from John P. Rumrich and Gregory Chaplin (eds.), Seventeenth-Century British Poetry 1603- 1660, Norton Critical Edition (2006). ISBN 0-393-97998-9 (pbk).


English Nl15B   English Renaissance (17th Century)      Summer 2010
Mr. Nelson                                             TuTh 10-12   229 Dwinelle
                   Tentative Reading Schedule
Week 1
Tu   June 22   Introduction. Shakespeare, Sonnets (1609)
Th   June 24   Amelia Lanyer

Week 2
Tu   June 29   John Donne
Th   July 01   John Donne

Week 3
Tu   July 06   Ben Jonson
Th   July 08   Ben Jonson

Week 4
Tu   July 13   Robert Herrick
Th   July 15   George Herbert

Week 5
Tu   July 20   Suckling/Cartwright/Crashaw
Th   July 22   Denham/Lovelace/Cowley

Week 6
Tu   July 27   John Milton
Th   July 29   John Milton

Week 7
Tu   Aug  03   John Milton, Andrew Marvell
Th   Aug  05   Andrew Marvell

Week 8
Tu   Aug  10   Vaughan/Dryden/Traherne
Th   Aug  12   Final Examination (2 hours)

Six short quizzes will be given in lieu of a mid-term, one at the beginning of each Tuesday class from Week 2 to Week 7. The five best grades will be averaged to establish the midterm grade.

Notes on class business.

Students are expected to attend class regularly. Attendance will be taken at the instructor's discretion. Persistent absences will result in a reduction in the final grade.

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