English 24/5, Fall 2006: Freshman Seminar: Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

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Current Announcement(s)

Twelfth Night get-together Monday evening, 13 November, 7-9pm, is ON. Address: 2600 Buena Vista Way; phone: 848-1992

Buena Vista is about 7 blocks north of Campus, connecting with Euclid (turn right from Euclid onto Buena Vista one block north of Cedar). Buena Vista also connects with the street that changes its name going north, from Piedmont Avenue, to Gayley Road, to La Loma (turn left from La Loma onto Buena Vista one block north of Cedar).

Tip: In Berkeley, you will be going north if you keep the Bay on your left and the hills on your right.

Final Reports (subject to revision)

Alyssa: 5.1, lines 307-18 (DONE)
Charlotte: 5.1, lines 219-70 (first reply by Sarah J)
Christopher: 4.3, lines 1-35 (first reply by Rachael)
Claire: 4.2, lines 1-60 (first reply by Melanie)
Emily: 5.1, lines 322-62 (first reply by Krystell)
Jessie: 3.1, lines 122-63 (first reply by Julia)
Jordana: 1.2, lines 47-62 (DONE)
Julia: 3.1, lines 144-55 (first reply by Jordana)
Kevin: 5.1, lines 130-69 (first reply by Jessie)
Krystell: 2.4, lines 78-124 (DONE)
Lauren: 1.1, lines 1-15 (DONE)
Libby (Elizabeth): 1.5, lines 161-84 (first reply by Kevin)
Melanie: 5.1, lines 69-130 (first reply by Emily)
Rachael: 5.1, lines 115-29 (first reply by Libby)
Sarah J: 2.2, lines 17-41 (DONE)
Sarah T: 1.5, lines 257-77 (DONE)
Vaishnavi: 4.1, lines 1-58 (first reply by Alyssa)


Each student is responsible for attending class regularly and participating fully; also for checking this website at the beginning of the semester, and regularly throughout the semester, for current announcements.

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