English 24/1: Freshman Seminar: Shakespeare's Sonnets

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Each student is responsible for checking this website at the beginning of the semester, and regularly throughout the semester, for cautionary warnings (for example, concerning plagiarism, instructions on writing papers), and current announcements.

List of Students and Emails

A Team
ANNE      aeisens@uclink.berkeley.edu
CAMELLIA  phoenix277@hotmail.com

B Team
ARON      bothman@uclink.berkeley.edu
JULIA     jbaum@uclink.berkeley.edu
SARAH     gibreel_farishta@hotmail.com

C Team
DIANE     roxym@uclink.berkeley.edu
MATT      asland@uclink.berkeley.edu
WENZHE    wenzhe@uclink.berkeley.edu

D Team
EMILY     emilyeve@uclink.berkeley.edu
KATE      k_mann@uclink.berkeley.edu
KAREN     k_tsai@uclink.berkeley.edu

E Team
ARIEL     razberygirl@hotmail.com 
GRACE     ygchen@uclink.berkeley.edu 
TA-MING   shihtm@uclink.berkeley.edu 

F Team
ADELINE   adeline2@uclink.berkeley.edu
ERIN      faddleface@aol.com

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