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Eng 45A/1 Literature in English Fall 2009
213 Wheeler Hall Lectures MW 9-10

          Tentative Schedule of Readings (subject to change)

W Aug 26  Introduction: Chaucer's life, works, language
F     28  Section: Chaucer's language

M     31  Canterbury Tales: General Prologue
W     02  Canterbury Tales: General Prologue
F     04  Section: General Prologue

M     09  General Prologue
F     11  Section: General Prologue

M     14  Knight's Tale Books 1-2
W     16  Knight's Tale Books 3-4
F     18  Section: Knight's Tale

M     21  Miller's P&T, Reeve's P&T
W     23  Wife of Bath's Prologue
F     25  Section: Chaucer

M     28  Wife of Bath's Tale 
W     30  Franklin's P&T
F Oct 02  Section: Chaucer

M     05  Pardoner's P&T
W     07  Nun's Priest's P&T; Retraction
F     09  Section: Chaucer

M     12  Midterm Exam
W     14  Skelton, Wyatt, Surrey, Sidney: Poems
F     16  Section: Poetry

M     19  Marlowe, Dr. Faustus
W     21  Spenser's life, language, works; Amoretti
F     23  Section: Dr. Faustus

M     26  Spenser, Faerie Queene (Book I)
W     28  Faerie Queene
F     30  Section: Faerie Queene

M Nov 02  Faerie Queene
W     04  Faerie Queene
F     06  Section: Faerie Queene

M     09  Donne, Songs and Sonnets
F     13  Section: Donne

M     16  Milton's life, language, works; selected Poems
W     18  Milton,  Paradise Lost
F     20  Section: Paradise Lost

M     23  Paradise Lost
W     25  Paradise Lost
F     27  THANKSGIVING VACATION (finish reading Paradise Lost)

M     30  Paradise Lost
W     02  Paradise Lost (conclusions) 
F     04  Section: REVIEW

M     07  Summary of semester readings; REVIEW
W     09  REVIEW/Exam preparation

Final Examination: Friday, December 18, 8-11 a.m.

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