Shakespeare Eulogy by William Basse

	On Mr Wm Shakespeare
	he dyed in Aprill 1616.

Renowned Spencer, lye a thought more nye
To learned Chaucer, & rare Beaumont lye
A little neerer Spenser to make roome
For Shakespeare in your threefold fowerfold Tombe
To lodge all fowre in one bed make a shift
Vntill Doomesdaye, for hardly will a fift
Betwixt y{i}s day & y{a}t by Fate be slayne
ffor whom your Curtaines may be drawn againe.
If your precedency in death doth barre
A fourth place in your sacred sepulcher,
Vnder this carued marble of thine owne
Sleepe rare Tragúdian, Shakespeare sleep alone
Thy vnmolested peace, vnshared Caue
Possesse as Lord not Tenant of thy Graue
  That vnto us and others it may be
  Honor hereafter to be layde by thee.

			Wm Basse