Revels Book 1604-5

1604-5 Court Calendar from official Revels Book

KM = King's Men
QM = Queen's Men

1 November: The Moor of Venice [=Othello] (KM) "in the Banqueting
House at Whitehall"

4 November (Sunday following 1 November) Merry Wives of Winsor

26 December (St. Stephen's Night) Measure for Measure (KM -

27 December (St. John's Night) "A Maske w{i}th Musicke presented by
the Erl of Pembrok the Lord Willowbie & 6 knights more of ye

28 December (Innocents Night) The Plaie of Errors (KM - Shaxberd)

30 December (the Sunday following) How to Larne of a Woman to
Wooe (QM - [Thomas] Heywood)

31 December (New Year's Night) All Foulles (Boys of the Chappel -
George Chapman)

1-4 January (between New Years Day and Twelfth Day) Loves Labours
Lost (KM)

5 January (Twelfth Night) "The Quenes Majesties Maske of Moures
with aleven Laydies of Honor to Accumpayny her Majesty which cam
in great showes of devises wch they satt In w{i}th excellent

7 January: Henry the Fift (KM)

8 January: Every Man Out of his Humor (KM)

2 February (Candlemas) Every Man In his Humor (KM)

3 February (Sunday following): unnamed play "provided and

10 February (Shrove Sunday): Merchant of Venice (KM - Shaxberd)

11 February (Shrove Monday): The Spanish Maze (KM)

12 February (Shrove Tuesday): Merchant of Venice "Againe
Com{m}anded by the Kings Majestie" (KM - Shaxberd)