John Shuckeburgh, esq., vs. George Colborne and Thomas Worcester

PRO C2/Eliz/S11/1

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PRO summary: Which denies the defendant's plea of being seised of and in the manor of Bilton, under lease from the Earl of Oxford, or that the same has been altered by antedating, erasure, or otherwise.

PRO C2/Eliz/S11/1 (replication only survives)

The Replicac{i}on of Iohn Shuckeburghe Esquier Complainaunte to the Answere of George Colborne and Thomas Worcetor defend{an}t{es}

The sayd Complaynaunt (averring and mantayninge his sayd Bill of Complaynte and all and everye matter clause article and thinge therein contayned to be good iuste and true in suche mann{er} and forme and to theffecte in the same Bill theye are sett downe and alleged for further Replicac{i}on sayeth, that the Answere of the sayd defendaunt{es} ys in manye poyntes thereof verye false vntrue vncertayne and insufficient in the Lawe to be Replyed vnto. without that that the sayd Right Honorable Iohn Erle of Oxenforde in or aboute the tyme in the Aunswere of the sayd defendaunt{es} mencyoned dyd demyse the sayd Mannor of Bilton with thapp{ur}ten{au}nces and other the p{re}misses thereto belongeynge to the sayd Iohn Worceter ffather of the sayd defendaunt Thomas Worcester for anye suche Terme of yeares or vnder such Rentte as in the sayd Answere ys vntrulye alledged for thys Complaynaunt will averre and prove that yf there weare any lease made by the sayd Iohn Erle of Oxforde the same is altered by antedateynge rasure or otherwyse in Some of the materyall poyntes in suche mann{er} and forme and to theffecte in the sayd Bill of Compl{ain}t ys trewlye sett fourthe and declared And without that that the sayd Iohn Worcetor in the sayd Aunswere mencyoned dyd by force or vertue of the sayd Supposed Lease mencyoned in the sayd aunswere enter into the premysses and the same quyetlye and peaceablye occupye and enioye durynge hys naturall lyefe in suche sorte as in the sayd aunswere ys vntrulye declared And without that anye other matter thinge or thinges materyall or effectuall in the sayd aunswere and not herein fullye by waye of Replicac{i}on aunswered denyed traversed or confessed and avoyded tendinge anye waye to the disprofe of anye matter in the sayd Byll of Complaynte sett fourthe and alledged ys true, All w{hi}ch matters and thinges the sayd Complaynaunte ys Readye to averre and prove as thys honorable Courte shall awarde And prayeth as in his sayd Bill of Compl{ain}t he hath prayed

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