Cage vs. Hamond

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PRO C 2/Eliz/C13/54 (1 June 1595): Daniel Cage vs. Thomas Hamond; claim by lease, &c.

Three sheets: complaint of Daniel Cage (1 sheet); answer of Thomas Hamond (2 sheets))

PRO summary: The manor of Much Hormeade, the inheritance of Edward de Vere earl of Oxenford, lord chamberleyn.

Transcriber's note: Because document is partly decayed at edges, original lineation is retained.

PRO C 2/Eliz/C13/54/3

[[...]] Primo Iunij 1595

To the right Hon{or}able S{i}r Iohn Puckering Knighte Lorde Kep{er} of the greate Seale of Englande

[[In mo]]ste humble wise sheweth vnto yo{u}r good Lordeshipp yo{u}r daylie Orato{u}r Danyell Cage gentle{man} That whereas the Righte hon{or}able Edwarde de Vere, Earle of Oxenforde Lorde greate Chamberleyn of Englande beinge Lawfullie seased of an estate of Inheritance in ffee or ffee tayle [[of]]

[[and in]] the Manno{u}r of Muche Hormeade in the Countie of Hertf' did by his dede bearinge date the xxth daie of November in the xiiijth yere of the raigne of o{u}r sou{er}aigne Lady the quenes Ma{ies}tie that nowe ys [=20 November 1571], for the Considerac{i}on of ffyftie pounds of Lawfull Englishe money demised

[[an]]d to fferme lett, vnto one Walter Heywarde & his ass{ignes} All that his Manno{u}r of Muche Hormeade w{i}th all the Land{es} Meadowes feding{es} pastures Com{m}ons and all Rent{es} s{er}vic{es} and p{ro}fitt{es} of Cort{es} and all other Comodyties vnto the said Manno{u}r in any wise belonginge and [[appurtaining]]

and res{er}uinge vnto the said Earle his heires & Ass{igns} the Advowc{i}on of Churches Chappell{es} or Chaunteries there or ell{es} where And all ward{es} Marriages Reliefes Heriott{es} wood{es} tymber trees, greate trees and vnderwood{es}, & escheates vnto the said Manno{u}r belonginge [[...]]

also excepte and res{er}ued vnto the saide Earle his heires & ass{ignes} all manner of wayfes straies and all other Casualties and p{ro}fitt{es} of Cort{es} & lites vnto the same Manno{u}r belonginge the seu{er}all value whereof excedeth and passeth vjs viijd To have and to holde[[the]]

p{re}miss{es} excepte before excepted vnto the said Walter Heyward his Executo{u}rs and ass{ignes} from the ffeast of St Michaell tharchaungell w{hi}ch was in Anno D{omi}ni 1583 vnto thende & terme of xxjtie yeres from then next ffollowinge, yeldinge therefore yerelie vnto the said Heywarde [[his]]

heires and ass{ignes} xxxijli of Lawfull englishe money at the ffeast of Thanu{n}c{i}ac{i}on of o{u}r Ladie and St Michaell tharchaungell by even porc{i}ons w{i}th a p{ro}viso or Condic{i}on that if the saide Rente or any p{ar}te thereof were vnpaied by the space of Sixe wekes

after either of the saide ffeast{es} beinge Lawfullie asked Thatt then the saide Lease shalbe voide And the said Walter Heyward for him his Executo{u}rs and ass{ignes} did therin Coven{au}nte w{i}th the saide Earle his heires & ass{ignes} That he the said Walter Heyward his Executo{u}rs and

assignes shoulde yerelie duringe the saide terme deliver or Cause to be delivered to the said Earle his heires & ass{ignes} at Hedingh{a}m or Colne in the Countie of Essex betwene the ffeaste of All Sainct{es} & Whitsontide ffyve q{uar}ters of good & sweete wheate after [[the]]

price of vjs viijd the q{uar}ter And Tenne q{uar}ters of good & sweete Maulte after the price of iiijs the q{uar}ter And five q{uar}ters of Bellymonge after the price of iijs iiijd the q{uar}ter to be measured by the officers of the said Earle his heires & ass{ignes} after the meas[[ure of the]]

Sidbury bushell And one fatt bore of the greatest and Largest sorte to be yerelie delivered betwene the ffeast of All Sainct{es} and Candelmas And the said Earle for him his heires & Assignes did therin Coven{au}nte w{i}th the saide Walter h[[is Executo{u}rs and]]

Assignes That he the saide Earle his heires & ass{ignes} woulde paie the seu{er}all somes yerelie duringe the saide terme vnto the saide Walter Heyward his Executo{u}rs and ass{ignes} att the ffeast of St Iohn Baptiste or w{i}thin Sixe wekes after or ell{es} [[...]]

the said seu{er}all somes to be deducted reteyned and defaulked out of the saide rente by the saide Walter Heyward his Executo{u}rs and ass{ignes} at the next ffeast of paym{en}t followinge And the saide Walter Heywarde for him his Executo{u}rs & ass{ignes} did [[therin Coven{au}nt]]

w{i}th he saide Earle his heires & ass{ignes} that he the said Walter his Executo{u}rs and ass{ignes} woulde at all tymes, duringe the said terme at his & there p{ro}p{er} Cost{es} (tymber trees onelie excepted) sufficientlie maynteyne and repaire all the said hous{es} a[[nd buildings and]]

fenc{es} Mound{es} and hedges vppon the saide p{re}miss{es} w{i}th all necessarie rep{ar}ac{i}ons whatsoever the w{hi}ch saide tymber the said Earle for him his heires & ass{ignes} did Coven{au}nte w{i}th the saide Walter his Executo{u}rs and ass{ignes} to appointe and finde duringe [[... as]]

often as yt shoulde be nedefull And the saide Walter Heyward for him his Executo{u}rs and ass{ignes} did also Coven{au}nte w{i}th the said Earle his heires & ass{ignes} That the said Walter his Executo{u}rs and ass{ignes} woulde duringe the said terme Manure [[... the said]]

p{re}miss{es} or the greatest p{ar}te of them to & w{i}th the saide Capitall Messuage And did further Coven{au}nte to suffer the Steward S{u}rveyo{u}r or any other officer of the saide Earle his heires & ass{ignes} or the deputies of any of them to kepe the Cort{es} of the s[[aid Mannor]]

w{i}thin some Convenyent place w{i}thin the said Capitall messuage whensoever yt shoulde please the said Earle his heires or ass{ignes} or any [o]ther officers And likewise duringe the saide terme to p{ro}vide and fynd Compotent and Convenenyent Meate [[drinke and lodginge]]

for the officers aforesaid and for there s{er}u{au}nt{es} and assist{a}unt{es} And also sufficient stable Rome Haie p{ro}vinder and Lytter for there horses and gelding{es} duringe the tyme of there aboade there, for one Corte there yerelie to be holden And also [[yerely duringe]]

the saide terme before the Audito{u}r of the saide Earle his heires & ass{ignes} to make a trewe declarac{i}on of Accomptes aswell of the Receit{es} of the p{ar}ticular somes in the Rentall of the saide Mannor expressed, as the p{ar}ticular somes expressed [[in the]]

Estract{es} of the Cort Rowles belonginge to the saide Manno{u}r so as the saide Earle his heires & ass{ignes} may yerelie p{er}ceive and knowe the decayes and w{i}thdraught{es} of rent{es} and s{er}uic{es} in the said Manno{u}r (yf any such shoulde be) and vppon whome they [[might]]

be demaunded and Levyed to the vse of the said Walter his Executo{u}rs and ass{ignes} duringe the saide Lease And also p{er}ceive and knowe wheather the said somes of the saide seu{er}all am{er}cem{en}t{es} and other the saide severall Casualties shoulde amo[[unte to be]]

aboue the some of vjs viijd or noe, whereby the saide Earle, his heires & ass{ignes} mighte be answered of the same accordinge to the effecte and tenor of the saide Lease And the saide Earle for him his heires & ass{ignes} did Coven{au}nte w{i}th the saide Walter Heyward his [[Executo{u}rs]]

and ass{ignes} That he the saide Walter his Executo{u}rs and ass{ignes} should yerelie duringe the [[sa]]ide terme at Convenyent and seasonable tymes in the yere take vppon the saide p{re}miss{es} sufficyent and Compotent housebote, fyerbote, Ploughebote, hedgbote, gatebote, Harrowbote

and Carteboote to be spent in & vppon the p{re}miss{es} & not ell{es} where, the said fferme being then in lease vnto one Alexander Heyward & his ass{ignes} father of the saide Walter by writinge all one in substaunce of demise w{i}th the first recited Lease And after

the said Earle in the moneth of May in the xxjth yere of her Ma{ies}t{ies} raigne for the Considerac{i}on of xiijCli of Lawfull englishe money did by good and sufficient Convey{a}unce and assur{a}unce in the Lawe Convey vnto one Anthony Cage father of yo{u}r said Orato{u}r

and his heires & ass{ignes} forever the said Mannor and likewise assigned him the saide Anthony his heires & ass{ignes} to receive the saide provision res{er}ued vppon the lease made vnto Walter Heyward who by force thereof entered into the saide Mannor and kepe

Cort{es} & letes duringe all his lief tyme accordinge to the trewe intent and meaninge of the saide p{ar}ties And afterward{es} in the xxiijth yere of her Ma{ies}t{ies} raigne that nowe ys, Conveyed the said Manno{u}r vnto yo{u}r said orato{u}r and the heires males of his body Lawfullie

to be begotten And the said Walter Heyward p{rese}ntelie after the Comencem{en}t of his Lease made offer of the same vnto yo{u}r said orato{u}r And likewise Thom{a}s Hamond his brother in Lawe dwellinge in the Manno{u}r house was verie desirous that yo{u}r said Orato{u}r should

have the lease and in some sort ^\\assured// him to do the best he Coulde for yo{u}r said Orato{u}r for the obteyninge of the same And the saide Walter Heyward takinge some advise of his lease by reason of the gen{er}all word{es} thereof not wayinge the playne and trewe

meaninge of the said Lease did Challendg to holde and kepe Cort{es} in his owne name w{hi}ch the said Thom{a}s Hamond greatlie misliked, yet neverthels altogeather intendinge (as it fell out afterward{es}) to take to him self and w{i}thin two & thre yeres

after the said Thom{a}s Hamond bought the saide lease of the said Walter Heyward as yo{u}r said orato{u}r hath Crediblie herd And the saide Thom{a}s Hamond p{rese}ntelie intendinge the spoile of the said Manno{u}r and most inIuriously to p{re}iudice yo{u}r said Orato{u}r

would ned{es} vrge the Ten{au}nt{es} and Copiholders of the said Mannor beinge warned to the Corte by yo{u}r said orato{u}r to do there sute and s{er}uic{es} vnto him the said Thom{a}s Hamond oell{es} [=or else] threatenned the seasure of some of there Copihold{es} wherevpon some of

the Copiholders did p{re}ferr A bill of Compl{ain}t bothe against yo{u}r said orato{u}r and the said Thom{a}s Hamond into her Ma{ies}t{ies} highe Corte of Chauncerie. The effecte whereof ^\\was// that forsomuche as they were Crediblie informed that the Lease w{hi}ch the said Thom{a}s

Claymed vnder, was all one in Substaunce and agreable to & w{i}th the other twoo leases then expired And that they them selues had alwaies accompted the saide Earle and his saide Auncesto{u}rs there Lord{es} And that all the Copiholders and ffermers ha[[ue]]

Admytted to there Copihold{es} aswell to them discended as by them p{ur}chased at Cort{es} holden for that said Mannor by the saide Earles duringe all the Contynewaunce of the said seu{er}all Leases And desired that there might some order to be taken by the sa[[me]]

Corte That the tenn{an}t{es} might therby be directed to whome they should and ought to do ther s{er}uices the Cort{es} beinge warned and offered to be kepte both by the said Hamond and yo{u}r said orato{u}r Wherevppon yo{u}r said orato{u}r desirous of peace [[&]]

beinge thervnto the rather moved for that he dwelte hard by the said Hamond was Contented and at the motion of frend{es} did paie vnto the said Hamonde xlvjli xiijs iiijd of Lawful englishe money in the xiiijth daie of Iune in the

xxviijth yere of her Ma{ies}t{ies} raigne And was Contented to accepte of his p{ro}vision Corne at Hormeade and after Hertfordshire measure beinge as yo{u}r said orato{u}r was Credibllie informed A bushell les in everie q{uar}ter then Sidbury measure and [[...]]

deale Cheaper then at Hedingh{a}m or Colne where yt should have bene delivered And the said bore to be delivered vnto him in the said towne of Hormeade beinge thervnto vrged by the hard devises offered by the said Hamond for that in the said [[countie]]

of Essex he affirmed there were dyvers Townes & places knowen & called Hedingh{a}m & Colnes, where he intended he might have delivered the same provision & not at the said Earles house. And likewise yo{u}r said orato{u}r did Coven{au}nte to paie

the said p{ro}uision as the saide Earle should have paied at the midsomer then next followinge And likewise to discharge the said Hamond for the deliverie of the same against the saide Earle and all other the Assignees And in considerac{i}on thereof

the said Hamond did Coven{au}nte w{i}th yo{u}r saide orato{u}r that he & his ass{ignes} should p{er}mytt and suffer yo{u}r said orato{u}r and his assignes duringe the residewe of the yeres then to Come in the said lease of the said Manno{u}r peaceablie & quietlie to Somon holde

and kepe by his and there Steward at his and theire appointm{en}t All & everie the Cort{es} and Letes incident or app{ur}teyninge vnto the Manno{u}r of Hormeade aforesaid in the Hall house of the said Manno{u}r And thereof to receive Levy and [[take to]]

his and there onelie vse & vses All & sing{u}ler the yssues p{ro}fitt{es} and advauntag{es} risinge or growinge sithence the then Last Corte there holden or at any tyme hereafter to be risinge or growinge therbie Togeather w{i}th all the Am{er}ciam{en}t{es}

waifes, straies, heriott{es} Casualties and fynes of the Tenn{an}t{es} and Copiholders thervnto belonginge w{i}thout any lett trouble or denyall of the said Thom{a}s Hamond or Walter Heyward there Executo{u}rs admi{n}istrato{u}rs and ass{ignes} or any other [[person]]

Lawfullie Clayminge in by from or vnder them or either of them as by the said Indenture dated the xiiijth of Iune in the said xxviijth yere of her Ma{ies}t{ies} Raigne doth and may appeare Whervppon p{rese}ntelie after A Corte was war[[... at]]

Hormeade by yo{u}r said Orato{u}r for the said Mannor And there the said Thom{a}s Hamond openlie in the p{rese}nce of Anthony Cage Henrie Morrante and dyu{er}s others did declare vnto the ten{au}nts that from thenceforth he onlie expected the receite of there Rent{es} onelie beinge

xxijli or therabout{es} yerelie And that the rest of there s{er}uic{es} were by the agrem{en}t as aforesaid belonginge vnto yo{u}r said Orato{u}r And then suffered yo{u}r said Orato{u}r to assesse the fynes of the Copiholders as vsuallie before tymes they in the Reverc{i}on had doen

But the said Thom{a}s Hamond beinge voide of Conscyence and shakinge of [=off], all playne and simple dealing{es} and sekinge his vnconscyonable Lucre was somewhatt anymated by the former yeldinges of yo{u}r said Orato{u}r vnto his vnreasonable request{es} devised

dyvers plott{es} howe he might vniustlie incu{m}ber and p{re}iudice yo{u}r said orato{u}r as first by demysinge vnto him a feilde Conteyninge xxtie acres or therabout{es} beinge p{ar}te of the demeasnes of the said Mannor by Indenture dated the xvjth of October in the

said xxviijth yere of her Ma{ies}t{ies} raigne for all his terme but the Last yere, for xxtie nobles a yere And thervppon Imediatlie affirmed that yo{u}r said orato{u}r had therbie extinguished or suspended his rente, beinge xxxijs by the yere Secondarily Confederatinge

w{i}th one Thom{a}s Brande of Hormeade his brother in Lawe by bringinge a multitude of acc{i}ons of petie trespas vsuallie happeninge betwene neighbors wherin no damage by the Com{m}iterie was geven for any trespas aboue the value of one penney by w{hi}ch meanes

they sought to Impou{er}she yo{u}r said orato{u}r Thirdlie by denyinge yo{u}r said orato{u}r power to taxe and assesse the fynes for the Copiholde estat{es} of the said Mannor vppon Allyenac{i}ons or deathes And thervppon did the said Hamond him self assesse xijd for the fyne of [[...]]

Copiholde worth to be lett aboue xijli by the yere And by the Counten{au}ncinge the Copiholders against yo{u}r said orato{u}r to vse him both Contemptuouslie and to deny him the fynes by yo{u}r said orato{u}r assessed altogether they were more dasyd[?] then m[[any?]]

Lord{es} therabout{es} do take And yet not thus Contented he the said Thom{a}s Hamond havinge a Coven{au}nte to take vppon the p{re}miss{es} before demised yerelie at seasonable and Convenyent tymes in the yere sufficient and Compotent fyreboote, Carteboote[[,]]

hedgboote, housboote, ploughebote, gateboote and harrowboote to be spent vppon the p{re}miss{es} and not ell{es} where ffyndinge at his enter{a}unce into the said fferme greate store of tymber redy felled on the Manno{u}r aforesaid and dyv{er}s tymes sithence [[...]]

fellinge at his pleasure by his ass{ignes} tymber and fruite tres both on the demeasnes letten vnto Heyward as aforesaid As also in the wood{es} excepted vnto the said Earle his heires & ass{ignes} as aforesaid And hath them Converted into Railes and post{es} hovell{es}

B[[ar]]edstiles Rack{es} gates hogestroughes, where never Railes hovell{es} gates or baredstiles were before And to such other like vses vnknowen vnto yo{u}r said orato{u}r, And dyvers of the Railes post{es}, & gates & also certen p{ar}tic{i}ons w{i}thin the said Manner house

and building{es} there & dyvers wooden wyndowes dores & bord{es} beinge made of the tymber aforesaid hath taken & geven awaie & burnt, wherbie the said Manno{u}r is greatlie wasted & spoiled And further the said Thom{a}s Hamond by Colo{u}r aforesaid [[entered]]

into A woode of yo{u}r said Orato{u}rs called Hormeade p{ar}ke, and there felled & Cut downe iij acres of woode or therabout{es} in one yere beinge better worth then xviijli And into one other woode at Hormeade called the ffryth and there likewise ffelled thre other acres

of woode, or threabout{es}, all w{i}thin the space of Sixe monethes beinge worth xijli Inforcinge yo{u}r said orato{u}r against his will to sut{es} at the Comon Lawe for the same Whervppon yo{u}r said Orato{u}r had Iudgme{n}t in the kingesbenche against one Thom{a}s Haxton

and Iohn Ivent assignees of the saide Thom{a}s Hamond for the vniust fellinge & Carryinge awaie of one hundreth Load{es} of woode w{hi}ch yo{u}r saide orato{u}r p{ar}doned as also forbeare the followinge of p{ro}ffe both of a great deale more wood and tymber by

the said Hamond & his ass{ignes} vniustlie felled and Caried awaie As also his p{ro}vision Corne in Anno 1587 wherin he was indampnifyed Cli at the least still hopinge that the said Hammond would be moved in Conscyence to deale better w{i}th yo{u}r said orato{u}r

But he nothinge regardinge the same hath sithence drawen yo{u}r said orato{u}r vppon faire p{ro}miss{es} of good neightborehoode [sic] and honest dealinge into further & more greater inConvenyenc{es}, ffirst p{ro}misinge yo{u}r said orato{u}r that the tymber & trees [[...]] the

Mansyon house and the fferme houses should be p{re}s{er}ued like^\\wise// on the rest of the demeasnes vnto him let as aforesaide And thervppon obteined and gott of yo{u}r said orato{u}r one wood in Hormede called Eton grove Conteyninge x acres And one other

wood called Aluey [Alney?] wood conteyninge xviij acres or therabout{es} & hath made of them ijC m{ar}k{es} at the least And by an Indenture dated the first of Aprill in the xxxjth yere of her Ma{ies}ties raigne the said Thom{a}s Hamond hath graunted vnto one Alexander Hamond

gentle{man} & his ass{igns} All the fenc{es} hedges ditches spring{es} & hedgrowes adioyninge belonginge or in any wise app{ur}teyninge accepted reputed or taken as p{ar}te p{ar}cell or member of any of the said demeasnes Land{es} letten to the said Walter Heyward as aforesaid by them

Coven{au}nted to be vsed or the greatest p{ar}te of them yerelie duringe the said terme, w{i}th the said Mannor house And also he the said Thom{a}s Hamond hath graunted vnto the said Mr Alexander Hamond & his ass{ignes} the Mansion house & dyu{er}se of the demeasnes &

other thing{es} not graunted vnto the saide Walter Heyward by especiall name, Intendinge to take backe the same And thervppon res{er}uinge out vnto him selfe & his ass{ignes} xxxijs of Annuall Rente whiche w{i}th the rent of Wrynche feilde so demised vnto yo{u}r said orato{u}r

as aforesaid for vjli xiijs iiijd and the tenn{an}t{es} rent{es} received by him the said Thom{a}s Hamond ### shoulde haue made vpp yo{u}r said orato{u}rs rent of xxxijs w{i}th Advauntage for the gatheringe of yt beinge to be taken of a nomber of pore men by verie small

p{ar}cell{es} and is for any thinge yo{u}r said orato{u}r can p{er}ceive muche les, then his rent of xxxijli res{er}ued vppon the said originall lease And then the said Thom{a}s Hamond expressinge what thing{es} he had graunted vnto the said Mr Alexander Hamond & his assignes

primo Aprill anno xxxj Elizabeth graunted vnto yo{u}r said orato{u}r and his ass{ignes} by Indentur{e} dated the 7th of Aprill Anno xxxjmo Elizabeth All that his Mannor of greate Hormeade & all rent{es} & s{er}uic{es} of the ten{au}nt{es} bothe fre & Customary w{i}th the Cort{es} & be[[...]] vewe [[of]]

ffranck pledge, & all other p{er}quisit{es} & p{ro}fitt{es} of Cort{es} & advauntag{es} whatsoeu{er} to the said Manno{u}r belonginge And all other the Land{es} ten{emen}t{es} & heredit{a}m{en}t{es} demised or in any wise graunted by the said Earles demyse vnto the said Walter Heyward & not demysed or graunted by the said

Thom{a}s vnto the said Mr Alexander Hamond in the said Indenture as aforesaid Togeather w{i}th the yerelie rent of xxxijs [sic] reseu{er}ued vppon the same demise made by the said Thom{a}s to the saide Alexander as before is expressed To have & to holde the said Mannor

Rent{es} s{er}uic{es} of ten{aun}t{es} Cort{es} letes &c vnto the said Danyell Cage yo{u}r said orato{u}r his Executo{u}rs & ass{ignes} from the feast of St Michael tharchaungell Last past before the date of the said Indenture vntill the Last daie of August in Anno 1604 fullie to be Complete & en[[ded]]

w{i}th a Coven{au}nte from yo{u}r said orato{u}r that the said Mr Alexander & his ass{ignes} should or might as a ten{au}nte holde vse & enioye the said Mansion Scyte of the Mannor house of greate Hormeade and all other the p{re}miss{es} w{i}th all & sing{u}ler ther app{ur}ten{au}nc{es} to him in fferme ^\\as// aforesaid [[&]]

demised by the said Thom{a}s Hamond vnder the yerelie rent of xxxijs w{i}thout the Lawful lett or Interrupc{i}on of yo{u}r said orato{u}r And of Elizabeth nowe his wief or any other p{er}son or p{er}sons Lawfully Clayminge by from or vnder them or any of them or[?] by from

[[o]]r vnder Anthony Cage father of yo{u}r said Orato{u}r By w{hi}ch saide estate taken backe vnto the said Thom{a}s Hamond from the said Mr Alexander Hamond And sithence by p{ar}cell meale passed over vnto others Leavinge onelie viij or ix acres of trees

w{i}th the said Mannor house The said Thom{a}s Hamond reapeth vnto him selfe Sixe or Seavenskore pound{es} of Annuall rent And hath thruste the gathering of the Ten{au}nt{es} rent{es} vppon yo{u}r said orato{u}r And hath also put into the said Manner house

A man vnable either to releive the pore of the towne as vsuallie they were wonte to be, Or to repaire susteyne or maynteyne yo{u}r orators hous{es} & building{es} beinge likewise by Coven{au}nte tyed (as yo{u}r said orato{u}r is Crediblie informed) not to vnder by or from

any of the said houses and building{es} and to suffer the saide Thom{a}s Hamond in the Last yeare of his terme to take downe and Carry awaie what houses him lysted As likewise by a p{ro}vis{i}o{n}e or Condic{i}on of the said Thom{a}s Hamond not to demise the same

nor any p{ar}te thereof vnto yo{u}r said orato{u}r nor any of his Children or to any other by whose meanes yt might Come to yo{u}r said orato{u}rs vse or possession w{hi}ch pore man beinge Careles of what he doth as havinge verie little or nothing at [[all not]]

onelie Cutteth downe and girdeth ^\\yo{u}r said orato{u}rs tymber trees but also at his pleasure pulleth downe wasteth & burneth yo{u}r said orato{u}rs// houses and building{es} and w{i}th them and other tymber and wood{es} felled vppon the demeasnes of the said Manno{u}r is a Comon Brewer for dyvers towneshipes Contrarie to the intent & meaninge of the first

Originall lease made by the saide Earle And the saide pore man being required to repaire the hous{es} as the said Walter Heyward the lesse and his ass{ignes} shoulde or ought to doe, and to Cover them, both pleadeth his insufficiency to p{re}serve the same

And also that he ought not to do yt so sufferinge the Tymber Worke Contynewallie to be wasted and become rotten beinge thervnto Annymated as yo{u}r said orato{u}r verily beleveth by the said Thom{a}s Hamond And that the rather for that the

said Thom{a}s Hamond beinge moved both by yo{u}r said orato{u}r and others to repaire the hous{es} and offered either to fell tymber or to have tymber there laid apte for rep{ar}ac{i}ons by yo{u}r said orato{u}r [[and]] hath Answered (to such as yo{u}r said Orato{u}r [[...]]

the houses beinge redy to fall by reason of the p{ar}tic{i}ons taken awaie in them as is aforesaid Either by the said Thom{a}s Hamond or some other by his meanes Consent p{ri}vitie or p{ro}curm{en}t and wante of thackinge in dewe tyme had [[...]]ered them

at yo{u}r Orato{u}rs owne Charge w{i}th tymber thither brought from his owne house sayinge that they were not his ffrend{es} that went aboute to repaire the said hous{es} for yt were more # for his p{ro}fitt if there were no howses there, Or wordes to the

same effect And hath likewise averred that the whole interest of the Lease, graunted vnto Walter Heyward for so many yeres as yet are to Come in the same is in such p{er}son or p{er}sons as yo{u}r said Orato{u}r shoulde never knowe howe to [[.....]] his [[...]]

of waste Althoughe the waste and spoile were never so greate And if he sholde knowe yet theire abilytie should be so weake and Slender as they shalbe never able to satisfye yo{u}r said Orato{u}r any thinge for the same And likewise yo{u}r said orato{u}r [[...]]inge

that the Rentall{es} Corte Rowles book{es} of S{ur}vey and dyv{er}s other writing{es} touchinge and Concerninge the said Manno{u}r and the Customes vsages and s{er}uic{es} of the Ten{au}nt{es} were vsuallie kepte at the Mansion house w{i}th the p{re}dicessors of the said Hamo[[nd ...]]

by him are nowe reteyned or some other by his meanes p{ri}vitie or p{ro}curem{en}t the Certentie whereof yo{u}r said orato{u}r doth now know neither wheather they were in boxe or Chiste Locked vpp And havinge no other Lawfull or ordinarie mean[[es to come]]

by the same And for that yo{u}r said orato{u}r hath by his Laste Indenture both of the wood{es} demised vnto the said Thom{a}s Hamond and of the Manno{u}r letten by the saide Hamond vnto yo{u}r said Orato{u}r beinge drawen by the faythe of [[the]]

assertyon of the saide Thom{a}s Hamond at the ensealinge thereof being all at one Instante sayinge that the same As also the said Indenture betwene Thom{a}s Hamond and Alexander Hamond before recyted was even according to the direct{i}on

and good likinge of George ffrancklen # of the Midle Temple gentle{man} Whome yo{u}r said orato{u}r did relye vppon And that the rather for that then likewise there was a bond of Cli value sealed and deliuered by them[?] and Ther is remaining[?] vnto yo{u}r said orato{u}r

\\and [[one]] other like bond from yo{u}r said orato{u}r vnto the said Thom{a}s Hamond// where they were bounde to stande to the Awarde of the said George ffranckleyn & Anthony Cage and the said Alexander Hamond or any twoe of them for any Controu{er}sie hereafter to be risinge or growinge betwene the said p{ar}ties wherevnto

they the said Arbitrato{u}rs beinge moved will not nor Cannott by reason of the obstinate and wilfull dealing{es} of the said Thom{a}s Hamond Compounde or agree the same And seinge yo{u}r said orato{u}r hath onelie in this Last booke of Assignem{en}t of

the saide Manno{u}r by the said Thom{a}s Hamond butt onelie the assessinge of the fynes of the Copihold{es} beinge omytted in the first booke in playne word{es} Althoughe included in meaneinge and in Construcc{i}on of the word{es} of holdinge and kepinge

the Cort{es} w{i}thin the saide Mannor, in Lewe of a greate deale of wronge susteyned by him yo{u}r said orato{u}r and greate inlargem{en}t of benifitt{es} and Comodities gotten by the meanes aforesaid from yo{u}r said orato{u}r vnto the said Alexander and

Thom{a}s Hamond and theire or some one of theire assignes ^\\although yo{u}r said orato{u}r hath oftentymes required the said Tho{mas} Hamond to yelde reasonable satisfacc{i}on to yo{u}r said orato{u}r for the said harde measures & abuses to him form{er}ly offered & to desist from wastinge & spoilinge of the said Manno{u}r & to repaire his houses & building{es} & to deliu{er} him the said Cort Rowles & evidenc{es} & to signifie vnto him who hath the interest & terme of yeres of his said Manno{u}r yett so to do the said Thom{a}s Hamond vtterlie refuseth// In tender Considerac{i}on of all the p{re}miss{es} may yt please yo{u}r Ho{nour} to grante vnto yo{u}r said orato{u}r her Ma{ies}t{ies} most gracious writt of Subpena to be directed vnto the said Thom{a}s

Hamond Comaundinge him therebie p{er}sonallie to appeare before yo{u}r Hono{u}r in her Ma{ies}t{ies} highe Corte of Chauncerie at Westm{inste}r at a certen daie and vnder a certen payne therein to be Lymitted Then & there to answere all the p{re}miss{es}

and therein especiallie to set dowen preciselie in what p{er}son or p{er}sons the interest of the said Originall Lease was at the tyme of the waste and spoile supposed to be Com{m}ytted and in whome the same nowe remayneth And further

to stand and abide to such order and direction therin as to yo{u}r Hono{u}r shalbe thought mete and Convenyent to stande and agree w{i}th equity and good Conscyence And yo{u}r said orato{u}r accordinge to his most bounden dewtie

shall daylie praie vnto god for the longe and p{ro}sperous increase and Contynewa{u}nce of yo{u}r Hono{u}rs healthe and estate

PRO C 2/Eliz/C13/54/2 (2 sheets originally attached, now separated)

[[...]] 10 October 1595

The Aunswere of Thom{a}s Hamond [of Terling in the Count{ie} of Essex] gent' deffend{ant} to the bill of complaynte of Danyell Cage ^\\gent// Complainant

The saied defend{ant} by protestac{i}on saieth that the bill of Complainte againste him exhibited to this honorable courte is for the moste p{ar}te vnc{er}ten vntrue and insufficient in the Lawe devised as this defendant thynke the rather to

moleste and trouble this def{endant} then vppon any iuste matter or cause of sute and this defendant is the Rather induced so to thinke for that the saied Complainant hath diu{er}s & sundrie times heretofore attempted sute againste

defend{ant} as well at the common Lawe as in this honorable courte for very frivolos and vnconsionable matters as shalbe ^\\hereafter// manefested as this defend{ant} hopeth to this most honorable courte ^\\vppo{n} the heareing of the demise// neverthelesse the adv{au}ntage of exceptions

vnto the vnc{er}tenty and insufficiency of the said bill of accompt to this defend{ant} nowe & at all times hereafter saved ^\\then// for aunswer and declarac{i}on of the truthe this defend{ant} saiethe that true it is that the said Right honorable Edward de Vere

earle of oxenford in the saied bill named was as this defend{ant} thinkethe seased in his demeasne as of fee or fee tayle of and in the mannor & other the p{re}miss{es} in the saied bill mencioned in ^\\such// manno{u}r & forme as in and by the said bill is

is [dittography] alledged and beinge so seised did by Indenture bearinge date the twenty day of November in the ffourtenth yere of the Raygn of o{u}r sou{er}eign Lady Quene Elizabeth that nowe is demise gr{a}unt & to farme lett vnto

the saied Walter Hayward in the saied bill allso named for terme of diu{er}se yeres not as yett expired the saide mannnor of muche Hormead w{i}th all the Land{es} [the said manner of much hormead berry w{i}th all the lands] meddowes feding{es}

pastures & commons and all Rent{es} s{er}vices and p{ro}fitt{es} of cort{es} and all other [p{ro}] Comodities to the said mannor belonginge exceptinge in & by the saied Indenture mencioned to be excepted as in and by ^\\the said// in [sic] Indenture whervnto for the better

assuraunce of the c{er}teinty therof this defend{ant} referrethe him sellf more at large dothe and may appere the said Walter & his assign{es} yeldinge and paienge therfore yerely duringe the terme [to the said erle his heires & assign{es}]

thirty and twoe pownd{es} at twoe termes ^\\of the yeare// by even porc{i}ons as in the saied bill is allso alledged w{i}th a condic{i}on or p{ro}viso conteyned in the saied Indenture to this or the like effect that if the said Rent were behind and

vnpaied [for] ^\\by// the space of six weekes after any of the saied feast{es} that then the said Lease should be voyde allso by the w{hi}ch Indenture the said Walter Hayward did amonges other thing{es} therin conteyned

Coven{au}nte to and w{i}th the said earle his heyres & assign{es} to this or the like effecte -- to deliu{er} to the saied earle his heires & asign{es} at Heningham or at colne w{i}th in the Count{ie} of essex Betwene the feaste of all Sa{i}nt{es} and

witsontide five quarters of goood swete ^\\wheate// at the price of vjs viijd the quarter and ten quarters of good & swete malt at the price of fower shilling{es} the quarter and five quarters of bullimonge at the price of three shillings

fower pence the quarter to be measured by the officers of the saied [[ear]]le his heyres & assign{es} after the measure called sudberry bushell and one fatt bore of the greatest and largest sort for the better expressinge

of the certenty of the w{hi}ch p{ro}vison and Coven{au}nt this defend{ant} [beleveth so] ^\\likewyse// referringe of him sellfe to be the same Indenture allso the saied Walter Hayward did likewise by the saied Indenture of lease ^\\further// Coven{au}nte for him his

exec{utors} and assign{es} to this or the like effect that he the said Walter Heyward his exec{utou}rs and assign{es} ^\\shall at all times during the said terme// at his or ther prop{er} cost{es} timber only excepted Sufficiently [to] mayneteyne and repaier all the ^\\said// howses and buillding{es}

fences [and] mound{es} & hedges vppon the said p{re}miss{es} w{i}th all necessary rep{ar}ac{i}ons whatsoeu{er} And the said earle did by the said Indenture Coven{au}nt to the like effect to assign{es} appoynt and find timber duringe the said terme so ofte{n} as

it [shalbe] ^\\may be// neadfull And allso the said Walter Heyward did by the same Indenture as this defend{ant} thinkethe likewise Coven{au}nt to manure the p{re}miss{es} or the most p{ar}te therof And to p{er}mitt the Steward surveyor or eny other officer of

the said earle his heyers or assign{es} or the deputies of eny of them to kepe the cort{es} of the said mannour w{i}th in some convenient place w{i}th in the saied capitall messuage wherso eu{er} it should please the said earle his heyres

and assign{es} or eny ther officers and to p{ro}vid and find competent and sufficient meate drinke and lodginge for the officers afforesaid & for ther s{er}v{a}unt{es} and assist{a}unce [=assistants] and sufficient stable Rome haye [and] p{ro}vender & litter for ther

horses and gelding{es} duringe the time of ther abode ther for one cort ther yerely to be kept And allso yerely duringe the saied terme before the auditor of the said earle his heyers and assign{es} to make a true declarac{i}on

of accompt as well of the Receyte of the p{ar}ticuler som{m}es of & in the Rentalls of the said mannor expressed as the p{ar}ticuler Som{m}es ^\\expressed// in the estreat{es} of the corte Rolles belonginge to the said mannor so as the said earle his

heyres and assign{es} [may] ^\\might// knowe & p{er}ceyve yerely the decayes and w{i}thdrawinges of the Rent{es} & seruices of the said mannor if any suche shold be and vppon whom they might be dem{a}unded and levied to the vse of the said Wal[[ter]] his

exec{utours} and assign{es} duringe the said lease and allso p{er}ceyve and knowe whether the said Somes of the said seu{er}all amerciam{en}t{es} and other the said seu{er}all casuallties should amounte to be aboue the Som{m} of sixe shilling{es} eight pence or [[ni]]ne[?]

wherby the said earle his heyres & assign{es} might be aunswered of the same accordinge to theffect and tenure of the said lease as by the said Indenture wherevnto this deffend{ant} referrethe him selffe accordinge to theffect and tenor

of the saied lease likewise may appeare and this defend{ant} farther saithe that he thinkethe it ^\\to// be true that the said earle for him his heyres and & [sic] assign{es} did Couen{au}nt w{i}th the said Walter Hayward his exec{utors} and assign{es} by the said lease

that he the said Walter his exec{utors} and assign{es} should yerely duringe the said terme at convenient and seasonable times in the yere take vppon the p{re}misses sufficient and competent howsebote firebote plowebote hedgebote

cartbote gatebote & harrowbote to be spent in and vppon the p{re}miss{es} and not ells where as in and by the said bill he takethe to be surmised And this defend{ant} saithe that ther is conteyned in the said Indenture of lease made to the

said Walter by the said earle as afforesaid one other Coven{au}nt where in the said earle for him his heyres & assign{es} dothe Coven{au}nt w{i}th the said Walter his exec{utors} and assign{es} that he the said earle his heyres & assign{es} shall at all times

hereafter duringe the said terme acquite discharge and saue harmelesse the said Walter his exec{utors} and assign{es} of for and conc{er}ninge one annuitie or yerely Rent of thirtene pownd{es} sixe shilling{es} and eight pence yerly going

forthe of the said mannor and other the p{re}misses to one Thomas Phillipps & Iohan his wife for terme of ther lives & the longest liver of them and of all charges and penalties for non paim{en}t of the said annuitie or yerely Rent

the w{hi}ch anuitie issuinge owte of the said mannor beinge gr{a}unted to the said Thomas and Iohan by the auncesters of the said earle w{i}th clause of distresse in the said mannor of Hormead w{hi}ch Rent this complayn{au}nt moste

vnconscionably intendinge to lay vppon this defend{ant} contrary to the expresse coven{au}nt in the said lease hathe neclected the paiment and suffred the cattell of this defend{ant} to be distreyned for the same to the greate troble and charge

of this defend{ant} and allso as this defend{ant} hathe hard did practise w{i}th the said Iohan Phillipps & others to haue this defend{a}unt charged w{i}th the said Rent the said complaynant sekinge by suche meanes to make this defend{ant} wery of his

terme of yeres and this defend{ant} is the rather induced to beleue the same for that the said complainant hathe as this defend{a}unt hath hard a recognis{a}unce fro{m} the said earle for the inioyinge of the said mannor and yett he hathe not as this

defend{ant} vnderstandethe sowght to take any adv{a}untage therof for the ^\\said// incombr{a}unce but sufrethe the said Rent still to be Laied vppon this defend{ant} and this defend{ant} is allso p{er}swaded that the Rent is charged of him this defend{ant} by the

p{ro}curem{en}t of the complainant for the saied earle hathe vsually paied the same tell nowe of late accordinge to the Coven{au}nte in the said lease and nowe refusinge the paim{en}t therof this defend{a}unt hathe bene forced to paie som p{ar}te therof by

distresse and sute in the Lawe and ^\\the said compl{ainan}t// hathe oft said to this defend{a}unt that he would p{ro}cure the quenes Ma{ies}ties oficers to extend vppon the said mannor for the said earles dett{es} and this defend{ant} hathe ofte bene charged w{i}th diu{er}se som{m}es of the said

dett and this complayn{ant} would neu{er} to his knowledge restore him any of his losse not w{i}thstandinge one Couen{au}nte in the said lease semethe to the said defend{a}unt to extend to the savinge harmelesse of this defend{ant} by the said complayn{a}unt

from suche incombr{a}unc{es} beinge to this effect ^\\as he thinketh// that the said earle dothe for him his heyres & assign{es} coven{au}nt w{i}th the said Walter his exec{utors} and assign{es} that he the said Walter his exec{utors} and assign{es} [that the said Walter his exec{utors} and assign{es}

haue hould] shall quietly and peaceably haue hould possesse and enioye the p{re}miss{es} and eu{er}[+y] p{ar}te and p{ar}cell therof before demised duringe the said terme and for and vnder the Rent{es} and Coven{au}nt{es} aboue said as were agaynst

the said earle his heyres & assign{es} as allso against all and eu{er}y other parson & p{ar}sons Lawfully clayminge any thinge in the same by fro{m} or vnder the said earle his heyres & assign{es} and farther this defend{a}unt

saithe that after the said lease so made the said earle did as he thinketh convey and assure the reu{er}sion of the said mannor vnto one Anthony Cage of London Salter ffather of the Complayn{au}nt his heyres & assign{es} for

eu{er}, and allso assigned him the said Anthony Cage his heyres & assign{es} as this defend{a}unt hathe hard to Receyve the said p{ro}vision Reserved vppon the said Lease made to the said Walter Heyward as afforesaid and allso this

defend{a}unt hath hard that the said Anthony Cage did by his Last will and testam{en}t demise the said mannor vnto the said complain{a}unt and his heyres males of his body Lawfully begotten ^\\which manor// was and as yet is as this defend{ant}

hath hard holden of the quenes Ma{ies}tie in Capit{e} ^\\and so by meanes thereof// only two p{ar}tes of the said mannor did passe by the said device to the Complayn{au}nt by the said will and a thirde p{ar}te therof did discend vnto one anthony Cage of Stowe

in the Countie of Cambridge esquier as son{n} and heyer of the said Anthony Cage of London deceased And allso this defend{a}unt saiethe that after the com{m}ensem{en}t of the saied lease made to the said Walter Heyward

the saied Walter Heyward did convey and assure the saied lease and terme of yeres vnto this defend{ant} in considerac{i}on of the Som{m} of five hundred & sixtene pownd{es} to him paied by this defend{ant} by Reason of w{hi}ch

conveyaunce so made by the saide Walter Heyward vnto this defend{ant} this defend{ant} entred into the said p{re}miss{es} & was possessed of the said mannor After w{hi}ch vppon a feaste day of than{u}nciac{i}on of ^\\o{u}r Lady//, the said Danyell

Cage sent a s{er}v{a}unt of his vnto this defend{ant} to the mannor howse for the halfe yeres Rent then due for the said mannor w{hi}ch Rent this defend{ant} then paied vnto his serv{a}unt the mony beinge towld both by this defend{ant}

and by the serv{a}unt of the Complayn{au}nt in the p{re}sent{es} [=presence] of diu{er}se then beinge in the said howse but the complaynant p{re}tendinge to overthrowe the said lease and to gett the possession therof and knowinge that ther

was a condicio{u}n in the said lease to make it voyde for not paim{en}t of of the rent w{i}th in six weekes or theraboute did then the very last day of the sixe weekes send to the mannor howse a straunger vnknowen to

this defend{ant} to demaund this [for this] Rent w{hi}ch this defend{ant} had paied before to his serv{a}unt as afforesaid wherevppon this defend{ant} for the more suertie of his terme did then lay downe vppon the bord so muche mony as

^\\the said// Rent did amounte vnto and caused som{m} of them ther p{re}sent to tell the same and then bad the said str{a}unger that so came to dem{a}unde the said Rent to take it if it were not allredy paied whervppon ye

said straunger after he had stayed ther one hole hower as the defend{ant} thinketh dep{ar}ted levinge the saied mony lieng [vppo] vppon the table and [cons] concerninge the bill p{re}ferred by the ten{au}nt{es} the same was done

as this defend{a}unt [thinketh] hathe hard by the pracktise and p{er}swasion of the complayn{ant} and only at his charge as this defend{ant} is p{er}swaded to make this defend{a}unt wery of his lease and conc{er}ninge the

demise of Wrench feild in the said bill mencioned this defend{ant} saiethe that it was a thinge of his owne sekinge and whereas other were in hand to hier the same feild of this defend{ant} he vsed

thretninge word{es} as this defend{ant} hathe hard agaynst such as were abowte to hier the said feild [so that] to put them in feare so that they durst not deale w{i}th it ^\\w{hi}ch if it// had not bene this defend{ant} thinkethe he might

have made a greater Rent of the same then he nowe hathe of this complayn{ant} but by reason of suche speaches as the Complainant vsed this d[[efend{ant} was]] inforced to lett the same to the Complainant and to

departe w{i}th it vppon a lease of his owne makinge as this defend{ant} verely thinkethe and conc{er}ning the kepinge of [of] ye cort{es} [[...]] said [[...]]s that this defend{ant} did offer to kepe the cort{es} of the

said manno{u}r in his owne name for that the same did as this defend{ant} was informed by his Councell [ke] app{ur}teyne to this defen[[d{ant} ________]]ne to th[[e]] said complainant and the said complain{ant}

beinge desirous of dominion and Rule over the ten{au}nt{es} did compound w{i}th this defend{ant} to haue the kepinge of the cort{es} of the [[said mannor and]]to haue his p{ro}vision corne and bore deliu{er}ed at Hormead

accordinge to the measure of that country as by one Indenture made betwene this defend{ant} and the said Cage as [[appeareth in an In]]denture ready to be shewed in this honorable courte for the

better expressinge of the c{er}tentie therof this defend{ant} referreth him sellfe after w{hi}ch Indenture so made the Complanant [[believinge]] he had power to Rule and over Rule the ten{au}nt{es} of the said man{n}or

did in most Covetous sort assesse and taxe the ffines of the Coppyhould ten{au}nt{es} to ther great hurt as this defend{ant} an[[__ _____]] haue thought so that this defend{ant} knowinge his power not to be suche as

he [taketh]`\\toke// vppon him to haue bene and that the only Rule and taxinge of fines rested in this defend{ant} did denie the Complainant to taxe the said fines but whether this defend{ant} did taxe any or no

he dothe not well Remember and conc{er}ninge the fellinge of wood & timber in that ^\\said// bill mencioned this defend{ant} saithe that he to his nowe Remembr{a}unce dothe not knowe of any felled to any other

vse then was expressed in the said lease made to the said Walter Heyward as afforesaid neu{er}thelesse the Complainant hathe not to this defend{ant} knowledg assigned ther vppon request made ^\\any tymber//

for the repairinge of the howses mownd{es} and fences accordinge to the Coven{au}nt of the said lease and this defend{ant} hathe bowght diu{er}se p{ar}cells of timber bothe ould and newe for the makinge of

handells stiles cowerack{es} & other like thinges and ^\\ther// hathe not to this defend{ants} knowledge sence the deathe of the said Anthony Cage salter father of this complaynant ^\\bene// felled any trees [but acco] contrary to the Coven{au}nt{es} and

agrem{en}t of the said Indenture of lease made to the said Walter afforesaid nether hathe this defend{au}nt to his knowledge ether carried or given away any timb{er} w{hi}ch hathe bene felled or cut downe in the time of the

nowe Complain{au}nt and cons{er}uinge wood supposed ^\\to [..] by the said bill// to be felled in Hormead p{ar}ke and in the frithe the Complainant hathe confessed that he hathe [receyved] ^\\recovered// damag{es} for the same at the common Lawe and then no

cause to complaine in this honorable Corte And for his p{ro}vision corne hathe bene satisfied or rather more as this defend{au}nt verely thinkethe allso wher [wher] the said Complayn{ant} p{er}ceyvinge that the ^\\powre of// Ratinge

of fines was in this defend{ant} and that he was not p{re}sently lord of the said mannor nor could not be w{i}thoute an absolute gr{a}unte of the said mannor from this defend{ant} Whervppon the said Complainant did newlye

Compownd w{i}th this defend{ant} for the said mannor and the better to p{er}fect the saied agrem{en}t ther was a lease made by this defend{a}unt by the consent of the Complain{an}t of the mannor howse and diu{er}s p{ar}cell{es}

of the demeasnes of the said mannor to Alexander Hamond gent' as by the said Indenture vnder ther hand{es} and seales dothe and may appeare the seu{er}all p{ar}cells wherof so demised to the said

Alexander ^\\& his assign{es}// are I take it as followethe firste all that the mannor howse of greate Hormeade ^\\situate lieinge and being w{i}thin the p{ar}ishe of greate Hormead together w{i}th the scite circute & p{re}cinct of the said mannor// and allso all the howses barnes stables [orchard{es}] yard{es} orchard{es} gardens pond{es} to the said scite

circute & p{re}cinct of greate Hormeade afforesaid belonging or in eny wise apperteyninge or heretofore vsed occupied reputed or taken as p{ar}te p{ar}cell or member of the said scite of the said mannor howse

[SHEETS JOIN HERE] circut and p{re}cinct or eny of them and allso all those p{ar}cells of land meddowe wood and pasture hereafter named that is to say all that meddow called Highe meddow conteyninge by

estimac{i}on ten{n} acres be it more or lesse one other meddowe called common mead or mone mead conteyninge by estimac{i}on ten acres be it more or lesse one other meddow knowne

or called by the name of northe mead conteyninge by estimac{i}on ten{n} acres be it more or lesse one other meddow called silke meade conteyninge by estimac{i}on fower acres and one Rode

be it more or lesse one close or pasture called the groue conteyninge by estimac{i}on fiue acres be it more or lesse one other close or pasture as it nowe lithe called burton werke conteyninge

by estimac{i}on fiue acres be it more or lesse one other close of pasture called fernie land{es} conteyninge by estimac{i}on tenn acres be it more or lesse one field called berry feild conteyninge

by estimac{i}on thirty & twoe acres be it more or lesse one other feild called made feild conteyninge by estimac{i}on ten{n} acres be it more or lesse one other feild called mell shott conteyninge

by estimac{i}on tenn acres be it more or lesse one other feild called mareshott conteyninge by estimac{i}on [xv] sixtene acres be it more or lesse in the downes xiij acres be it more or lesse nowe in the occupac{i}on of ^\\of the said Thomas Hamond his exec{utors} or assign{es}//

one peece of land called sparkes broade[?] conteyninge by estimac{i}on twelve acres be it more or lesse lieinge in an feild called sparkes feild one feild called furly conteyninge by estimac{i}on thre

score acres be it more or lesse five acres be it more or lesse called estley lieinge in diu{er}s peces nowe in the tenure or occupac{i}on of the said Thomas Hamond his exec{utors} and assign{es} five acres

be it more or lesse lienge in nethermore feild and vppermore feild lieinge in diu{er}se peces nowe in the occupac{i}on of the said Thomas or his assign{es} in clerkes lay eightene acres be it

more or lesse nowe in the occupac{i}on of the said Thomas or his assign{es} in kinsedone[?] five acres be it more or lesse nowe in the occupac{i}on of the said Thomas or his assign{es} one pece of

feild called lowens herne conteyninge by estimac{i}on twoe acres nowe in the tenure or occupac{i}on of the said Thomas or his assign{es} in a feild calle west hormead twenty acres be it more

or lesse nowe in the occupac{i}on of the said Thomas [Hamond] or his assign{es} in bradborrowe feild ffortie acres be it more or lesse lieing in diu{er}se peces in the occupac{i}on of the said Thomas

or his assign{es} and one pece of land conteyninge by estimac{i}on ffiue acres be it more or lesse called eaton herne and allso all hedges fences ditches spring{es} & hedgegroves to the said seu{er}all p{ar}cell{es}

of grownd or to any of them adioyninge belonginge or in any wise app{ur}teyninge excepted reputed or taken as p{ar}te p{ar}cell or member of the p{re}misses or [other] ^\\any// of them and allso the said Thomas

Hamond hathe further deuised vnto the said alexander all that the common of pasture and shepegate to the said mannor of Hormead belonginge or otherwise Lawfully vsed or occupied w{i}th the said mannor by

the said Thomas and allso the herbage pasturinge & fedinge of all the land{es} wayes greenes and wast grownd{es} w{i}thin the said mannor w{i}th libertie of passage egresse and regresse in by & throwe the

the [dittography] said lanes and wast grownd{es} To haue and to hould the said mansion or mannor howse w{i}th other the p{re}miss{es} as in ^\\& by// the said Indenture more at large dothe appere [yeldinge] vnto the said Alexander his exec{utors} and

assign{es} fro{m} the feast of St michaell tharchangell last past before the date of the said Indenture vntell thend and terme of sixtene yeres fro{m} thence next ensuinge fully to be complete and ended yelldinge and paienge

therfore yerely duringe the said terme vnto the said Thomas Hamond his exec{utors} and assign{es} the Some of thirty & twoe shillinges of Lawfull mony of engl{and} [&c] as in ^\\& by// the said Ind{ent}ure in more ample manner apperethe

and this defend{ant} made not any other demise or gr{a}unt to the said alexander of the said mannor or any p{ar}te therof allthoughe the said complai{nan}t in and bill [for by] his bill very slaunderously suggestethe the cont=

rary After w{hi}ch this defend{ant} did gr{a}unt vnto the complainant all the said mannor of Hormead w{hi}ch was demised vnto the said Walter Heyward other then suche p{ar}cells as were dmemised vnto the said alex=

ander Hamond as by one other Indenture therof made betwene this defend{ant} and the said Complai{nan}t dothe and may appere by \\reason of// w{hi}ch gr{a}unte the said Complainant was to Receyue the Rent{es} of the ten{au}nt{es} [w{hi}ch

did amounte to the Som{m}] w{hi}ch did amounte to the Som{m} of twenty & fower pownd{es} or ther abowte and the twoe and thirty shilling{es} reserued by the demise made to the said Alexander Hamond and sixe pow{n}d{es}

thirtene shilinges fower pence as I take it beinge the Rent of wrenche feild for his hole Rent of thirty & twoe pownd{es} reserved by the said lease and farther the said complaynant dothe e{n}ioye one

p{ar}cell or grownd conteyninge by estimac{i}on twoe acres lienge as he hath hard at Beekes Gate more then this defend{ant} ment he should haue had for the same beinge forgotten was lefte owte

of the said lease [b] mad by this defend{ant} to the said Alexander Hamond ^\\as afore resited// After w{hi}ch gr{a}unte the said Alexander vnder his hand and seale by Indenture did regr{a}unte vnto this defend{ant} all his interest

estate and terme of yeres in the said mannor howse and demeasnes to him letten ^\\by this def{endan}t// as by the said Indenture dothe and may appere after w{hi}ch gr{a}unte so made to this defend{a}unt by the said alexander

Hamond this defend{ant} did vse and occupie the saied mannor howse and demeanes to him gr{a}unted vntell suche time as the said Rent of twenty markes was exacted of this defend{a}unt by the

said [Ihon] Iohan Phillipps and this defend{ant} could not be discharged therof nether by the earle of oxford nor by the Complai{nan}t who[e] had as this defend{ant} thinketh the reversion of the said ma{n}no{u}r

and thervppon this defend{ant} did demise to seu{er}al men ^\\div{er}s of the said p{ar}cells of land// and the mannor howse w{i}th som{m} p{ar}te of the pasture grownd to one Will{i}am osborne as it was Lawfull for this defend{ant} to do as this

defend{ant} is verely p{er}swaded And vppon the Lease made of the said mannor howse this defend{ant} takethe it that he hathe a Coven{au}nt of the ten{au}nt that at thend [and terme] of the

terme he should p{er}mit and suffer this defend{a}unt to take downe c{er}ten howses w{hi}ch were not vnderpinned nor fixed to the frehould and so sett vpp as this defend{ant} hath hard by a

farm{er} of the said mannor and further ther was a p{ro}mise that the same should not be demised to the Complainant nor to any other wherby the same might come to the possession of

the Complainant and this defend{ant} was the Rather moved so to doe for that the Complaynant had before vsed ^\\& attempted// many hard [shifft{es}] ^\\devises// and vnconscionable practises to make this defend{a}unt

wery of the lease for a smaller considerac{i}on then the same was worthe And the said Willam Osborne beinge carelesse as the Complai{nan}t him sellfe hath alledged in his bill hathe burned

vpp a howse and other thing{es} w{hi}ch if he hathe done it is w{i}th oute the priviti or consent of this defend{ant} but this defend{ant} is veryly p{er}swaded that he is very carelesse indede for as this

defend{ant} hathe hard [very chiledishously [=childishly]] ^\\the said osborne// trustinge the faier p{ro}mises of the Compl{ainant} hathe deliu{er}ed vnto him his Indenture of lease vppon his bare word to haue the same to be Redeliu{er}ed

but nowe the Complai{nan}t havinge the same in his custodie not regardinge eny p{ro}mise or honest dealinge dothe deteyne the same denienge to redeliu{er} it beinge thervnto requested

and conc{er}ninge the rep{ar}ac{i}ons of the howses this defend{a}unt is and shalbe redy by him selfe or his assign{es} as he dothe intend to do so muche as by Lawe and equiti he ought to do so as

the complaynant will p{er}forme that w{hi}ch is his p{ar}te to be done and this defend{ant} is p{er}swaded that all the howses be ^\\in good &// [in] sufficient rep{ar}ac{i}ons but only suche as were blowen downe

by tempest abowte twoe yeres past for w{hi}ch howses there was a Composition and a lowance [sic] in ther last agrem{en}t as I take it in a{nn}o 1594 betwene this defend{ant} and the Complainant and

farther the said Complainant hathe in the absence of this defend{ant} as he hathe hard taken a way by him sellfe and one Anthony Wheler and one Blackaby his serv{a}unt a greate quantitie of timber

Redy hewed [from the said manner w{i}th horse and carte for] for plowebote cartbote gatebote harrowebote & suche like vses fro{m} the said mannor howse w{i}th horse and carte in the same [year] last yere

that this defend{ant} did dwell ther at the said mannor howse and at an other time he had away one tumbrill cart mad of bord{es} as this defend{a}unt [hathe] thinketh [of] felled of the land [of] [[_____]] said [[_____]]

and sence hath thretned this defend{a}unt to sue him for the said timb{er} for that it was not spent at the ^\\said// mannor and for this cause when the said bond of one hundred pownd{es} menc{i}oned in

the said bill made vnto the said Thomas Hamond defend{ant} by the said Daniell Cage Complainant was demaunded by the said Complainant this defend{ant} Aunswered that he would not

deliu{er} it but vppo{n} condic{i}on that the said [defend{ant}] Complai{nan}t should not herafter attempt any sutes in lawe or otherwise ^\\against this d{efendan}t// for and conc{er}ninge any timb{er} felled before that time nor for noe suche lyke

quarrellous acc{i}ons or word{es} to the like effect [as he veryly is p{er}swaded] and the said Daniell accepted of the receyte of the said bonde w{i}th oute denienge the conditions sett downe by the said

defend{ant} & so Receyved the said bond then or shortly after And as for court Roules this defend{ant} hathe deliu{er}ed all [w{hi}ch] ^\\such as// were in his custody to the Compl{ainan}t him sellffe Nether hathe this defend{ant} any

other writinges conc{er}ninge the said mannor to his knowledge besides ^\\the// Indenturs of demise but c{er}ten coppies of Rentalls w{hi}ch this defend{ant} thinkethe it is necessary for him to kepe for that

as this defend{ant} takethe it ther is p{ar}te of the terme ^\\in som p{ar}te// [of] of the said mannor as yett not gr{a}unted to the said Complainant ffarther this defend{ant} thinketh veryly that he did giue him knowledge [that] at

his request that Will{i}am Osborne was farm{er} to the said Complai{nan}t and had the hole terme [.. ....] of those howses [this] alledged to be decayed before this bill exhibited in to this honorable corte

conc{er}ninge the interest of the said Walter Heyward for so muche as was demised vnto the said Alexander Hamond this defend{ant} thinketh to be nowe in [Hamond] his ffarmers ^\\& ther assign{es} whose names are as followeth Iohn Gewe Will{i}am Osborne [Thomas [[.....]] William Dellowe] Thomas brand Mary brand Thomas brand Iun{ior} Rob{er}t brand Rychard Iordan Walter P{ar}ker & Will{i}am Dellowe all nowe of Hormead afforsaid// and what

Remedy the Complai{nan}t hathe by lawe this defend{ant} is redy to Aunswer the same for any thinge that he owht in right to do and for the Rest of the ^\\said// manner the defend{a}unt takethe the interest to be in

the complainant for so muche as was gr{a}unted to him by the demise of the defend{ant} w{i}th owte that that the said Anthony Cage ffather of the said Complaynant did to the knowledge of this

defend{ant} by good and sufficient assurance in the Lawe convey or assure all the said mannor to the Complai{nan}t and his heyers males or that the ten{au}nt of this defend{ant} hathe ^\\to the knowledge of this def{endan}t// shedd or gerded eny trees vppon

the p{re}miss{es} other then was Lawfull for him to do And w{i}thout that that this defend{ant} to his knowledge at any time said that he was not his frend that should repaier the said howse or that it [should]

should be more for the p{ro}fit of this defend{ant} to haue no howses ther and w{i}th oute that that this defend{ant} dothe deteyne any cort Roules writinges or dedes conc{er}ninge the said mannor other then

[c{er}ten] ^\\the// coppies of Rentalles & Indentures ^\\before in this def{endan}t{es} aunswere menc{i}oned to be in this d{efendan}t{es} possession// And w{i}thout that that any other matter or thinge in the said bill of Complaynt materiall to be Aunswered vnto and not in this Aunswere sufficiently

confessed and avoyd{ed} traversed or denied is true All w{hi}ch this defend{ant} is redy to averr & prove as this honorable court shall award and praieth to be dismissed w{i}th his Reasonable cost{es} &

charges for his wrongfull vexation in that behalfe susteyned

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