Will of Charles Tyrell, 1570

PRO PROB11/52, f. 105

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NB: Probated 4 May 1570; Tyrrell was buried 7 March 1570 at Kingston-upon-Thames.

Testamentum Caroli Tirrell Armigeri (undated)

In the name of god amen. I Charles Tirrell esquire and one of the quenes Ma{ies}ties gentlemen pencheno{u}rs beinge sicke in bodie but of good remembraunce doe make this my laste will and testamente. firste I bequeathe my sowle into thandes of my savio{u}r and readeamer Iesu christe, and my bodie to the {christ}ian buriall. Secondarilie I giue and bequeathe vnto the ladie marie sister to thearle of oxforde one kirtell of black velvet ymbrodered all ouer w{i}t{h} gold and pearle. Item I will that the same ladie marie haue the karkenott of rewbies and pearle soe as she will paie xlli for the same. Item I giue vnto mr walgraves wife vnto mr william walgrave of smalle bridge in the countie of suff' one partelate and ruffes sleaves beinge the hole sewte of the faneste [=finest] that is amongeste the partelates and ruffes. Item I giue vnto ffraunces wingfeelde, a black cloke and savegarde of black clothe garded w{i}t{h} velvet w{hi}ch liethe in my presse at home, and all other apparrell that was my wyves within that presse more iij paire of sheetes one paire of them fyne, more ij table clothes of diaper, iij towelles of diaper, and three other towelles plaine, more one of the riche p{ar}telates and sleaves, more a Iewell coffer which is in my chamber at london w{i}t{h} all other handekerchers and other lynnen in the same coffer and one white partelett. Item I giue vnto the saide ffraunces wingefeelde a ringe w{i}t{h} a pointed dyamonde. Item I doe giue vnto thearle of oxforde one greate horse that his lordeshipp gave me. Item I giue vnto the cownties [=countess] of warwick the beste kertell that was my late wyves excepte that gyvenn to the ladie marie, and to be chosen by mystris gardener one of her gentlewomen. Item I giue vnto the same Mrs Gardener one quishione clothe wroughte at the foure corners, with black silke and silver, and one napkine wroughte at bothe endes w{i}t{h} blacke silke and goulde. Item I giue vnto my sister Churche three paire of sheetes and one gowne of black clothe, that was the ladie[s] maries w{hi}ch is in the greate cheaste. Item I giue vnto my brother and sister Garnisshe my feilde-bedd of crymson velvet w{i}t{h} the bedsteed of wallnut tree w{hi}ch standethe in the littell parlo{u}r. Item I giue vnto my sister ffelton, one fetherbedd furnished. Item I will that the traine of a kertell of tawney velvet that was my wyves be gyven vnto the ladie woster w{hi}ch my late wyfe gave vnto her. Item I giue vnto Cooke my man a black cloke and a coate and a geldinge called greye cockerell. Item I giue vnto my man {Christ}ofer a black paire of hose lyned w{i}t{h} mockeadoe and one white fustiane doublet and a black velvett hatt and xxs in monnye. Item I giue vnto Maynes my man a cloke of shepes coller, and a paire of blacke hose lyned with sarcenett and a black leather Iirkynne and the geldinge that was mr Hadnowle. Item I doe giue vnto my fellowe Mr Edward Hounngerforde all my harneyes that hangethe in my chamber at London. Item I giue vnto Mr More clerke of o{u}r bande for a remembraunce ijo paire of fyne sheetes for to sarve hym at the courte. Item I doe giue vnto my fellowe maister Iohn Seymore a blacke gowne of clothe furred, a nighte gowne and alsoe my pollaxe. Item I doe giue vnto my brother Phillippe Tirrell and my freinde, maister Kelton of colne, all that my lease and tearme of yeres yetto come w{hi}ch I haue of the saide howse, manno{u}r and priorie of colne with thappurtenaunces by anye meanes or waies, aswell by force of one Indenture made by the late earle deceased to Iohn bothe and Thomas Coe, w{hi}ch saide Iohn and Thomas have by theire deade [=deed] signed and sealed, released over theire intereste to my late wife the counties [=countess] of oxforde in her widowehodde, as by all other meanes and waies whereby anye righte or title of the same mighte or maye accrewe or growe to me. Item I doe make my brother Phillipp Tirrell my soale executor of all other my goodes and chattelles yet vngiven / vppon condic{i}on he doe paie all suche debtes and dewties as maye lawfullie be demaunded of me and shall iustelie be proved as abovewrittenn to be my debtes, theis beinge witnesses hereof maister Iohn Seymore esquire one of the quenes Ma{ies}ties gent{lemen} pencioners and Mr Richarde Kelton gent{leman}.

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