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[=45] PRO SP12/151[/42], ff. 96-6v (single sheet originally bifolium with next, 280mm x 205mm; undated, but see next).

[1] Item to be demanded of Charles Arundell, and Henry Howard

what combination, for that is ther terme, was made at certeine suppers, on [=one] in fishstreat as I take it an other at my Lord of Northumberlands. for they haue often spoken hearof and glanced in ther speaches.

[2] further for Henry Howard

Yf he never spake or hard thes speaches spoken that the kinge of Scots began now to put on spures on his heales, and so sone as the matter of Monsieur wear assured to be at an end, that then wythe in six monthes we showld se the Queens Magestie to be the most trobled and discontented parson [=person] liuinge.

[3] further the same

Hathe sayd the Duc of Guise who was a rare and gallant gentelman showld be the man to come into Scotland, who wowld briche [=breech, whip] her Magestie for all her wantonnes. and it wear good to [letther] let her take her humor for a while for she had not longe to play.

[4] Item to Charles Arundell

a littell before Christmas at my loginge [=lodging] in westmester [=Westminster] swift beinge present and George Gyfford talkinge of the order of liuinge by mony and dyfference betwien that and revenu by land, he sayd at the last if George Gyfford could make thre thousand pound he wowld set him in to a course whear he ned not care for all England and theare he showld liue more to his content and wythe more [contentation] \\reputatione// then ever he dyd or myght hope for in England and they wowld make all the cowrt hear wonder to heare of them. [When] Wythe diuers other braue and glorious speches whearat George Gyfford replyd gods blud Chares [=Charles] whear is this. he answerd yf yow haue thre thousand pound or can make it he could tell the other saying as he thought he could find the means to make thre thousand pound. that speache finished withe the cominge in of supper [whear Charles the say Charles] |

[5] Item

Whither [=Whether] Charles Arundell dyd not steale ouer into Irland withein thes fiue yeres, wytheought leaue of her Magestie and whether that yeare he was not reconciled or not to the churche lekwise, or how long after.

[6] Item

When he was in Cornwale at Sir Ihon Arundels what Ihesuit or Ihesuits he met thear and what compagnie he caried withe him of gentelmen.

[7] Item

Not longe before this sayd Christmas entringe into the speache of Monsieur, he passed into great tearmes against him, in so muche he sayd thear was nether personage religion, witt or constancie, and that for his part he had longe since giuen over that course and taken an other way. which was to Spaine, for he never had opinion therof since my lord chamberlan playd the cokescome, so he termd my lord at that time as when he had his enymy so lowe as he myght [tread him] haue troden him [vn] quight vnderfotte, [8] that then he wowld of his owne obstinacie followinge no mans aduise but his owne, whiche he sayd was his fault, bringe all thinges to an equalitie whearin he was greatly abused in his owne conceit and so discoraged Semier as never after he had mind to spaine any lenger [=longer] reputinge the whole cause then to be ouerthrowne. [9] And further for Monsieur a man now well inought [=enough] knowen vnto him and he wowld be no more abusd in him, and it was for nothinge that Semiers saud [=saved] himself, for he knew his vnconstancy, and Busse d'Ambois had ben a sufficient warninge vnto him, whom Monsieurs trecherie had cause<.d.> to be slaine, and wowld by practise bringe Semier into the slander therof that his vilanie myght not [have] be found but it was plaine Inought [=enough]. [10] and he had made an end and quight done withe the cause and leket [=liked] of it no more, and so withe a great prais<.ing.>
of the Kinges [sic] of Spaines greatnes, piete, welthe, and how god <.p.>rosperd him thearfore in all his actions, not doughtinge but to se him Monarch of all the <.wo.>rld and all showld come to on [=one] faythe he made an end and thus muche consideringe his practise <.w.>ithe Gerningham, and the
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other articles whearwithe he is charged import a further knowlege and giues sume lyght to his dealinges wythe thes persones of religion and Irishe causes whearin the kinge of Spayn semes vnderhand to deale.

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