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[=46] PRO SP15/28[/2], f. 3 (single sheet originally bifolium with previous, 280mm x 205mm, heavily repaired).

Item to my Lord Henry

[11] How he cam to the inteligence, that ther showld come imbassadoures of france Spaine and others whiche showld assist the kinge of Scots imbassadoure in the demand of his mother, and this showld be determined among them on the other sid [=abroad] as he sayd and shall shortly com to pas

Lekwise bothe Charles and Henry

[12] Lekwise they haue bene great serchers in her Magesties welthe, hauinge intelligences ought [=out] of all her receyts, [13] from her Magesties courtes in laue [=law], customes as well of them that goo ought as are brought in, what subsides priui seales and fiftenes she hathe made since her cominge to the croune, [14] what helpes, as they say [for] by the gatheringes made[s] as for the buildinge of paules steple, the loteries, and other deuises from the clergie and what forfits by attainder or other wise, and what pensions, when other ought [=either out] of bishops liuinges to sume of her counselers what giftes she hat [=hath] bestoued, what charges she was at in her houshould reperations of her houses and castels fees and a number of thinges whiche now I cannot call to remembrance whearof they ordinaryly wowld speake and of her Nauie the charge she was a<.t.> what the wares of Lethe Newhauen and other peti iornyes in Irland and Scotland and in the time of the rebellion [he] whiche ar to [=too] longe as well what she receiued as what she spended [=spent, expended] in all offices places [and s] <.&c.>.

lekwise to the sayd Charles

[To what vse he imploid his seruant Pike to la mote who sent into spaine and another]

[15] Item for what cause he sent Pike to la mote, and who he was [+who] went into Spaine and whether Pike went or no, but he assuredly [returned] remayned the others returne [16] whoo caried letters from la mote and brought bake againe letters from the kinge and recompence whearvpon Pike returned withe answer to Charles Arundell. [17] who help[+ed] the man as I hard [=heard] to a mariage and whether the fellow brought his master sume assurance and reward from the kinge to his Master I know not but ever since he liues of himself and giues no more attendance to color as I coniectur the cause better, and the course
(upside down in top margin)
as I ges [=guess] and haue great reason to coniectur put in to [more] sum others hands, a thinge whiche yf it be well loked into, cannot be void of great and sume notable practise yf it will pleas her Magestie but to loke in to [+the] zelous mind whiche the sayd Charles hathe since caried more then couertly to the masse. | Lekwise bothe Charles Arundell and Henry Howard are priuie as often times they haue declared by theare speaches thes last yeares past for 4 or 5.

[18] what increas hathe bene made of soules to theare churche in euery sheare [=shire, county] throught [=through] the realme

[19] who be of theares, and whoo be not who be assured and who be inclined for this difference they make betwien them that are reconciled, and suche as ar affected to thear opinion and are to be brought in. and in every shere throught the realme whear they be stronge and wheare they be weake, and this is knowen by certeyne secret gatheringes for the relefe of them beyond the seas: whear in therbe notes of very houshowlds.

Endorsed: 18 Ianuary 158<.> Notes deliuerd by the Earl of Oxeford

NB: CSPD(4), p. 84, assigns this document in error to 1583.

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