Deposition of Francis Columbell

PRO REQ 2/388/28/4.4

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Deposition Capt{a} ap{u}d Westm{inste}r decimo quarto die Iunij A{nn}o Regni Iacobi R{egis} Angl{ie} &c decimo et Scot{ie} xlvto ex parte Edwardi Iohnson {complainan}t ve{r}s{us} Elizabethe Vere Comatisse Dow{a}ger de oxon defend{an}t

ffranc{is} Columbell of Hackney in the Countye of Midd{lesex} Clarke of the Age of thirtye nine yeres or th{er}bout{es} sworne and examyned the daye and yere abouesaid deposith and sayth

To the ffirste Interr{ogatory} this depon{e}nt sayth he knoweth the pl{ainan}t and defend{an}t

To the seconde Interr{oga}tory this deponent sayth he did know Edward Late Earle of Oxenforde deceassed for he served him./

3. To the third Interr{ogatory} this depon{e}nt sayth he dothe not knowe that Edward Earle of Oxenford was possessed of a house in the County of Essex Called by the name of Playstowe house: but hath herd that the said Earle had a house in or neere Bishoppsegate London called ffishers ffollye./

To the iiijth Interr{ogatory} this depon{e}nt sayth he never knewe nor herd of any Contracte had or made betweene the Earle and the pl{ainan}t for fynishinge of any Ioyners woorke in eyther of the said houses, nor knoweth that the pl{ainan}t and his s{er}vant{es} wrought the Ioyners woorke in those or eyther of those houses of the Earles, but by the pl{ainan}t{es} cominge to the Earle to his house in Hackney aforesaid for monney./ |

To the vth Interr{ogatory} this depon{e}nt sayth he knoweth not wheather the pl{ainan}t wrought by the daye [or] for daye wages, or by the greate he and his servant{es} And more he cannot depose

To the Syxte and Seaventh Interr{ogatories} this depon{e}nt sayth that the pl{ainan}t did often tymes before the death of the Earle of Oxenford aforesaid resort to Hackney to the said Earle and offered him Billes of Accompt{es} and Recconing{es} for woorke by him and his s{er}vant{es} donne for the Earle but Could not be heard, wherevppon [the] he this depon{e}nt hath heard the Earle Calle to his Ladye the nowe defen{dan}t, and bidd her gett him out of the yearde, and soe he weare Satisfied. And somtymes he hath awarded monney there as ffortye shilling{es} at a tyme but wheather he hath bene satisfied his full due this depon{e}nt knoweth not. And more he cannott depose./

To the viijth Interr{ogatory} this depon{e}nt Can saye nothinge more then he hath fformerlye deposed touchinge the same.

To the ixth Interr{ogatory} this depon{e}nt sayth he can saye nothinge touchinge the same Interr{ogatory} more then he hath alreddy deposed.

(signed) ffrauncis Collumbell

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