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[=50] Cecil Papers 146/19, ff. 146/19 (single sheet, ____mm x ____mm); circa 1601-02.

fyrst that he abused the Commissione yt ys proved whearas he showld have vsed the same for the benifite of her Magestye he made yt an instrument to defraud and exclud her from all Sir Charles Dauers lands.

Secondly whearas ther were sufficient commissioners he wrowght so that they dyd nott appeare, and so made a Talis gathered owt of a number of his owne seruantes and tenantes, whiche wass an exstreme iniurie and abbuse offerd to her Magestye.

Thyrdly, he caused and countnanced a laver [=lawyer] whose name I take to be Hyde to plead agaynst her Magesty, not wythstandinge that the sheryfe opposed agaynst yt, her Magesty havinge none there to plead for her.

forthly he procured the Lord Thresorers letters to this effect that all fauour showldbe showed to Sir Edmund Carye and that his wittnesses showld be accepted.

all whiche aproue [=approve, prove] [th] Her Magestye to be greatly abused with many proofes moore as in there place shalbe declared

The second poynt

That Caulie was put in danger and how he wass evill delt wytheall, I leaue yt to Caulie whoo can make proofe therof.

The thyrd poynt.

That ther weer thre of Sir E. C. men whiche have continuallye wached Cavlie and that he narrowly escaped them thre tymes, and that they vaunted they wowld take me at my heeles. yt ys proued by him to whome they spake whoo acknowlegged there vantes [=vaunts, boasts] to him before the Recorder of London and offerd his othe therone yf yt had pleased the recorder to have taken yt.

The foorthe poynt.

That hee termed me a promoter. Arthur Miles myne Author.

The fyft poynt

That there were of the gard [whiche a] in the tumultuous assault at Caules loginge, yt ys trwe but for want of tyme ther names yet cannot be so sone [=soon] lerned yet thus muche ys knowne that he ys a keper I know not whyther in Waltham forest or where els but yt ys very trwe as shalbe vpon streyghter inquire [=inquiry] and moore respit of tyme found owt.

The sixt poynt that he hathe done yt

vpon Mallice to Caule for followinge

her Magestyes seruice thus I proue yt.

An owtlavrie [=outlawry] was made one Michel Cawley in a forren countye. the lave [=law] ys yt showld be at the churche doore of his owne parishe and in the Countie where he was borne and dwellethe. but when men would steale yt privatly owt without the knowlege of the partie they take suche vniust courses wherof thys ys one, and yf [the] any Iuge hadd bene in towne yt hadd bene a matter ^\\but// of 40s to have reversed yt, but no Iuge beinge in towne they have taken therby aduantage.

The owtlavrie dyd not apperteyne to Sir E. C. yf he came by yt yt was that he bowght yt or els [my] to countnance yt vsethe his owne name, whiche ys playne champerdie.

Besydes I doo not thinke that any priuat man vpon his owne authorite wythout the councels or other sufficient warrant can in so tumultuous a sort breake in to the house or loginge of any man. All whiche of thes thinges Sir E. C. hathe doone.


whearas he towld her Magesty that he arrested Cavlie for raylinge of [=at] him and bouldly aduouched [=avouched] the same. I answer.

fyrst that he dyd not arest him for raylinge on him which subiestione [fo] he ys yet to prove but for this actione of owtlavrie. wherin he abused her Magestyes eares wythe a great falswhood. |

And yf he dyd yt for that Cavlie had rayled at him, this quarell yf yt [be] weere trwe as he subiestethe [then] why dyd he not then arest him before tyme but now whylst he wass busied in her Magestyes seruice. wherby yt appearethe playne that yt was not Cavlies raylinge at him whiche he will hardly proue, but vpon very mallice for dooinge his dutifull seruice in her Magestyes behalfe.

So that ther ys nothinge written in my letter but I iustefie with authorite and proofe wherby yt appearethe that Sir E. Carie, carriethe a malitious and spitfull [=spiteful] tonge in hys hed, and hatthe notablie abused her Magestye in defacinge her titel and interest to the traytours lands Sir Charles Dauers. and thus muche to Iustefie whatt I have [sayde] written in my letter to her Magestye which ys muche lesse then he hathe eyther [doon] deceytfully done towardes her Magestye or slaundrously callumniated my selfe.

A Contraditiorie in his owne speache.

fyrst as Arthur Miles reported to me thes weere his woords, that I followed yt now with fyre and sword.

That I wass of a strange and vild nature that wowld [follow] \\pursue// a cause in this sort as a promoter agaynst an other, and yet [so he] repinge noo benifitte to my selfe [for] \\sythe// her Magestye had giuen me nothinge.

yet he yesternyght averred to her Magestye that he arrested Cawlye for his raylinge at him, and sayinge that the tenantes showld returne to my lord of oxford and not to the Quene.

Her [=Here] to Arther Miles he sayd [to] I had no benifit therby.

Heer to her Magestye he avouchet the tenantes showld returne to me and nott the Quene

Names knowne of sume of the

parties in the Aprehensione

of Cawlie:

The Marshalls man, and his man.

The lord Scroopes footman.

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