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[=47] BL Lansdowne 68[/11], f. 22 (313mm x 205mm); accompanies [=20].

It may please yowre Lordship to remember

At what tyme the Lord Chanceler was to giue vp his opinione to her Magestie concerninge my clayme to Walthame Forest, and Haueringe parke, by her commandment I dyd let fall my sute, wythe promes of sume consideratione. Whervpon sekinge for sume fytt sute, I craved this of Skinners whiche for thre causes her Magestie graunted.

fyrst in consideratione of her promes, then for the forberinge of Skynners felonie, whiche was proued by wittnesses examined, confessed by his fellowe Cacher and ye[.]t restinge in the hands of her Magesties Atturney. Last of all to disburden me of the 20000l bonds and statute which the same Skinner hade caused me to forfet, by procuringe his owne land to be extended for the 400l whiche he dyd agree wythe the rest of the purchasers to pay for his portione into the Cowrt of wardes mindinge to benifite himself by the same.

Now that yt may appeare to yowre Lordship that her magesties meninge [=meaning, intent] was to graunt me leases duringe the forfeture of a 11000l whiche my selfe had forfited in the Cowrt of wardes as apperethe ofe record, part of them for the rate of my Land whyle I was vnderage, and part of them for the fine of my mariage ^\\and suinge of my liuerie// as they appeare by 12 seuerall obligationes, yowre Lordship must vnderstand, that I had no oth<.er mean.>es to saue my self agaynst the 20000l but by her magesties graunt <.......> foeffes of trust to my vse, to leuie that 11000l bands [=bonds], vpon Skiners Landes. And so to hold yt in lease tyll It were exspired. And to showe that her plesure was that ^\\my lord Chanceler and// none of the other purchasers showld be trobled but those that were nominated, the names of suche as showld have there landes extended, were sett downe, of which number Skynner was the fyrst. And so gaue order to yowre Lordship to make me suche leases as yow myght doo by the vertue of yowre office her maiesties particuler fauoure and meninge beinge declared vnto yow.

Now my Lord at the first takinge of this land in lease, Thomas Hamptone beinge put in trust to followe the cause, after her Magesties graunt obteyned havinge an intentione bothe to gayne by me and Skinner, toke my leas out of the Court of Wardes for 400l whearas he showld have taken it for a 11000 and kept the lease from the lesse [=lessee] beringe me in hand that yt was a perfit lease duringe [sic] the sume of the 11000l At lenghe [=length] when yt showld come to the redinge in open Court his falshodd apperinge, he made excuse that yowre Lordship wowld make no better tyll yow save [=saw] how this was vsed. Now findinge that he was not lekly [=likely] to make further commodite by thes extentes, havinge taken mony of all those with whome he delt And knowinge that the lease was to be ended when 400l were payed, went vnto Skynner and offerd him for the moyetie of his extentes and 13 hanginges to help him to his land agayne.

Now yowre Lordship may perceyve how this 11000l comes to be leuide [=levied] on his land whiche I desyre to have in lease, whiche I hope yowre Lordship will further, consideringe her magesties willingenes | whiche she hathe vpon my motion signified vnto yowre Lordship.

NB: Heavily annotated by Burghley.

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