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[=48] BL Lansdowne 108[/14], ff. 25-6 (bifolium, 302mm x 205mm); July 1592.

(in hand of an amanuensis) My desire is to haue lycense from her Maiestie, for the bringing into the Realme of theis comodities followinge; and I will geive her Maiestie a yearly increase / as appeareth over and above her vsuall custome, viz. for

Oylles CCli per Annum

ffrutes lli

Woolles CCli

notwithstanding ther are fyve years in D Actors grant yet to come. /

So that I do geive her a yearly increase of CCCCll

(Oxford's hand takes over)

The reasons of this sute.

Whearas after longe sute for the titell whiche I lay to the forest, yt was committed to the arbitrament of the Lord Chanceler, whoo hauinge hard [=heard] the cause was redie to have made his report to her magestie. yt pleased her I showld lett falle the sute determininge to dispose therof at her plesure. in the mean seasone she promised to doo sumthinge for me in sume other matter. whervpon I preferred to her magestie the sute I hadd agaynst Skinner wherto she dyd graunt, and to that purpose I hadd diuers bookes dravne [=drawn (up)], but her maiestie dyd reiect them all. puttinge me over to [the] my Lord thresorer. whoo thowghe he dyd so muche as in him lay in my fauoure, yet it succeded not, wherby I lost all my charge, and ame to pay areareges to her magestie for the tyme that [it w] Skinners land was in myne handes. so yat the consideratione which her magestie promised remaynes yet to be performede.

Ther is no sute, wherin I may lesse charge her magestie then in this, where I increase her magesties sume 450l [giuinge so muche more then they]

Thus I most humbly beseche her magestie to have a fauorable consideratione also of my attendance here vpon her magestie, which I am not able to continue, yf by this meanes my charges bothe for the tyme past [=passed, spent] in followinge thatt matter of Skinners whiche succeded contrarie to myne expectatione, and other crosses of fortune, ^\\be not helped// sythe I have ben so vnhappie that her magestie lekes [=likes] not that I showld seke the forest which by all councell in laue [=law], that I can gett, I ame made to beleve I have good interest vnt and I am put by the same by her plesure, and not by course of lave [=law]. Whervpon I hope her magestie will thinke this sute | as fitt for me as any other, and also for thes considerationes bestowe the same on me, wherby I may ease myne dettes, and charges I have ben at as is a foore sayde.

Endorsed (O): My sute vnto her Magesti

Second endorsement: For bringing into ye Realme




Third endorsement: Sutes

NB: Fair copy in Lansdowne 71[/10], f. 18, concerning oils etc.; see also ff. 19-21, an accounting of expected revenues; and ff. 22-3, a brief letter from Burghley to Mr Alderman Billingsley, 24 July 1592, making an inquiry into the case. On the subject of oils, fruits, and wools, see letter of 25 October 1593.

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