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[=49] Cecil Papers 37/66(a) (single sheet, ___mm x ___mm); 11 January 1597; accompanies =28.

The Ground whearone Thomas Gurley playntyfe to the Councel makethe his petitione.

In Flushinge and in the lowe contries thearabout, weare certeyne poore men whiche hadd a longe tyme serued her Magestye in place of Gunners, whiche beinge behynd hand for want of theare pay, and not able to susteyne the longe delaye, which then hapned at that tyme (vpon what occasione I know not) and for want of friends dispayringe to recover the same, to supplie theare poore estate in tyme, sowld theare interest to this Thomas Gurley, whoo to compas the commodite of this bargayne, came vnto me, offringe 300l yf I cowld gett my lord Thresorers allowance therofe and his letter to Sir Thomas Sherley vnder thresorer then for the lowe Contries. Vpon this offer, I becam suter to my lord, and pretendinge that this Gurley owed me 300l, I cowld not by reasone of his bare estate, hope otherwise how to come by this monye. After sume proces of tyme my lord examininge the testimonialls of this dett, found it dwe, and therfore in favoure of me, after he had often spoken with Gurle, who dyd also acknowlege his dett to me, dyd not only giue allowance therto, but also wroot his letter to Sir Thomas Sherley for to see yt payed.

But for yat Sir Thomas Sherley was yet vnfurnished, sythe he was [yett] to attende my lord Thresores [sic] dispaches in those matters, theare grew an Interim, wherin for that I had occasione at this tyme to vse monye, Gurle offerd me yf I wowld make him my receyver of the anuite in the Exchecker, he wowld find the meanes to take vp so muche monye as showld serue my turne, tyll the other mony showld be payed by Sir Thomas. to this I consented and he browght me 200l which he was to pay of the 300l as he sayde, and at the quarters end he hoped to bringe in the other 100l. but at this quarters end, Sir Thomas Sherle was not yett dispache [sic] by my lord Thresorer. Wherfore I sendinge to the Excheker cowld theare receyve no more then 50l, for that Gurley had receyved therof before hand by vertue of my warrant, 200l.

So heare yt may appeare playnly inowghe that the monye which Gurle pretendethe to be parcel of the 300l, was only but myne owne, and that aquighted [=acquitted] to the receyvers at the quarters end, so yat this so allowed (as yt was) he was stille behind hand with me for the 300l. But for that tyme he satisfised me, with excuse that yet Sir Thomas Sherle, could not helpe him to his monye, and therfore he wowld take vp agayne afore hand 200l, for the meane seasone, and by the next quarter he douted not but to have his monye to my full satisfactione. This quarter beinge rune out as the other, as I did before, I receyved frome the Excheker but 50l, by the former reasone. So the 200l also beinge theare discharged, now Gurley yet was to bringe in his thre hundred poundes.

In This quarter he had receyved his mony, but cam not at me as he wont to doo but sildommer [=seldom?], and then put me of [=off] frome day to day. Tyll at the last beinge assured he was payed by Sir Thomas Sherlye I pressed him for his monye.

Wythe a notorious impodentie he denyed his promes, and sayd he had only promised //to\\ || lend me so muche, whiche he hadd all redie performed and a hundred pound more for whiche I was in his dett, and for this he alleaged the 400l which he hadd at twoo seuerall tymes payed vnto me, at every tyme 200l.

And as for my lord Thresorer, he denyed that ever he receyved any other fauour then that whiche he was to doo him by Iustice, for me he hadd but my good word, whiche the longe delayes considered eare [=ere, before] he dyd effect his sute, yt stood him in lyttell steed [=stead].

Thus he replied I showld have fyrst sett downe vpon my positione, for yat I had obiected vnto him, how he hadd [bothe] made me both speake, and wright often tymes ernestly to my lord, and the principall cullor I hadd, was for yat his estate was so bare as I cowld not els tell how to come by 300l, which he owed me as himself also vnder that shadowe hadd often come to the speache of my lord, and hadd acknowlegd yt to him.

Heare ys the very state of the cause playnlye set downe, and the very grownde of his pretended dett by me to him, which for that he knowes I can remember, and that my wyfe ys not aquainted with the cause; yt semethe he framethe his petitione the bowldlier agaynst her.

But sythence that tyme, by those former warrantes how he hathe preuented me by takinge vp a fore hand diuers sumes throwghe the frendship of Taylor, whoo notwythstandinge I vpon this aforsayd dealinge, calld for my warrantes in agayne as none knowes better then yowre self, what the patent ys and how yt runes [=runs], yett wowld aver them to be good, and flatly wroote vnto me, he had my hand and warrant, which was sufficient for his discharge in lave [=law].

But after he hadd payed this Gurley diuers sumes in this manner and that he better hade loked into my pattent, besydes hering I ment to call him before my Lord thresorer, then he submitted himself by a letter, sent in my warrants, and surseased [=surceased, ceased] his further payments to Gurley, who nowe clayminge of a 140l from my wyfe, as bound by conditione to se those his warrantes discharged, showes that all which he acknowlegethe to be payed allredye, so muche he hathe robbed me of by this meanes, which ys a 260l for he sayes of the 300l he lent me yet ys dwe to him a [240l] 140l by my wyfe, and that 400 which he browght me as the premisses show was all myne owne mony discharged and allowed vnto Taylor and the officer then in the Excheker.

Many prankes besydes he hathe played me, which at this tyme I forbeare tyll yt shalbe my hap to speake with yow at one tyme or other for that in suche a trifell, my thinkes [=methinks] I have bene alreadie to [=too] long yet I cowld not chouse, to make it playne vnto yow.

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