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[=30] Cecil Papers 251/28 (single sheet, 278mm x 170mm), Oxford to Cecil; [July 1600] (Ward333-4;F540-1).

Althoughe my badd succes, in former sutes to her Magestye, haue giuene me cause to burye my hoopes, in the diepe Abis [of] and bottome of dispayre, rather then nowe to attempt, after so many tryales made in vayne, & so many oportunites escaped, the effects of fayre woordes, or frutes of gowlden promises. yet for that, I cannot beleue, but that there hathe bene alwayes a trwe correspondencie of woord and intentione in her Magestye. I doo coniecture, that wythe a lyttell helpe, that which of yt selfe hathe brought forthe so fayre blossumes will also yeld frute. Wherfore hauinge moved her Magestye latlye about the office of the Ile whiche by the deathe of Sir Antonie Paulet stands now in her maiesties dispositione to bestowe where yt shall best pleas her, I doo at this pr‘sent most hartely desyre yowre friendship and furtherance fyrst for yat I know [that] her Magestye doothe giue yow good eare, then for yat owre howses are knyt in alliance, last of all, the matter yt self ys suche, as nothinge chargethe her Magestye sythe yt ys a thynge she must bestowe vpon sume one or other. I know her Magestye hathe swters alredie for yt, yet suche as for many respects her Magestye may call to remembrance ought in equall ballence, to way [=weigh] lyghter then my selfe. And I know not by whatt better meanes, or when her maiestie may have an easier oportunite to discharge the dept [=debt] of so many hopes, as her promises have giuene me cause to imbrace, then by thys, whiche giue she muste & so giue as nothinge extraordinarelye doothe part frome her. yf she shall not dayne me this in an oportunitie of tyme so fyttinge, what tyme shall I attend which is vncerteyne to all men, vnles in the graues of men ther were a tyme to receyve benifites, and good turnes frome princes. well I will not vse more woordes, for they may rather argue mistrust then confidence. I will assure my self and not dowt of yowre good office boothe in this but in any honorable friendshipe I shall have cause to vse yow. Hakney.

Yowre louinge and assured friend and Brother.

(signed) Edward Oxenford (ital. f; 4+7)

NB: No address or endorsement (second sheet of presumed bifolium missing). Photo in Ward, opp. p. 334.

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