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[=31] Cecil Papers 76/34 (small bifolium, 230mm x c165mm), Oxford to Cecil; 2 February [1601] (W334-5;F558).

At thys tyme, I am to trye my friendes: amonge whiche consideringe owre owlde aquayntance, familiarite heertofore, & alliance of houses, (then whiche can be noo streyghter) as of my Broother, I presume especiallye. Whearfore at thys tyme, whearas sume good fortune (yf yt be backed by friendes) doothe in a manner presente yt selfe. I moost ernestlye crave yowre furtherance soo fare as the place and fauoure yow howlde may admite. And that ys as I conceyve: that yf her Magestie be willinge, to confer the Praecidentcie of Waales to me, that I may assure my selfe of yowre voice in Councell rather then a stranger. Not that I desyre yow showlde bee a mover, but a furtherer. for as the tyme ys yt weare nott reasone. But yf yt shall pleas her Magestie in regard of my yowthe tyme & fortune spent in her Courte, addinge therto her magesties fauours, & promises, whiche drue me one [=on] wythe ought any mistruste, the moore to praesume in myne owne expences, to confer soo good a turne to me. that then wythe yowre good woorde, and brotherlye friendshipe, yow will incorage her forwarde, and further yt as yow may. for I know her Magestie ys of that princlye dispositione that they shall nott be deceyved whiche put there truste in her. Whiche good office in yow, I will never forgett; and alwayes to my powre acknowlege in loue & kyndnes. hoopinge that as wee bee knytt neare in alliance: so hearafter moore nearer by good and friendly offices. Thus most ernestlye desyringe yow to haue me in friendlye remembrance, when tyme servethe: I take my leaue. thys 2d of Februarie.

Yowre assured and louinge Brother.

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

Addressed (O): To the ryght honorable and my very good Broother Sir Robert Cecil of her Magesties priuie counsel, principle Secretarie & Master of the wardes. [seal]

Endorsed: 1600 february 2; Erl of Oxford to my master.

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