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[=32] Cecil Papers 181/80 (small bifolium, 230mm x 170mm [1/2 sheet folded]), Oxford to Cecil; [May 1601?] (W335-6;F577).

My very good Broother, I have receyved by Henry Loke yowre moste kynde message, whiche I so effectuallye imbrace, that whatt for the owlde loue I have borne yow, whiche I assure yow was very greate, what for the alliance which ys betwene vs, whiche ys tyed so fast by my chyldren of yowre owne syster, what for myne owne dispositione to yowre selfe, whiche hathe bene rootede by longe and many familiarites of a moore yowthefull tyme there cowld have beene nothinge soo deerly welcome vnto me. wherfore not as a stranger but in the owld style, I doo assure yow that yow shall have no faster freende & wellwisher vnto yow then my self eyther in kyndnes, which I finde beyond myne expectatione in yow; or in kyndred, wherby none ys nerer allyed then my selfe, sythe of yowre systers, of my wyfe only yow have receyved Nieces. A syster I say not by any venter, but borne of the same father, and the same moother of [=as] yowre selfe. I will say no moore, for woordes in faythefull myndes are tedious. only thys I protest, yow shall doo me wronge, and yowre selfe greater, yf eyther throwghe fables whiche are mischeuous, or conceyt, whiche ys dangerous, yow thinke otherwis of me then humanite, & consanguinite requyrethe. I desyred Henry Loke to speake vnto yow, for that I cannot so well, vrge myne owne busines to her Magestye, that yow wowld doo me the fauour, when thes troblesume tymes giue oportunite to her Magesty to thinke of the dispositione of the Praesident of Waales that I may vnderstand yt by yowe, least [=lest] neglectinge throwgh ignorance the tyme, by mishap I may lease [=lose] the sute. for as I have vnderstood, and by good reason conceyved I am not to yowse [=use] any friend to moue yt, so my self hauing movd yt, and receyved good hoops [=hopes], I feare nothinge but throwgh ignorance when to prosecut yt least I showld leas the benifite of her good dispositione one [=on] whiche I only depende.

(sideways in left margin)

Yowre most assured & lovinge Broother, as ever in myne owne affectione, in all kyndnes and kyndred.

(signed) Edward Oxenford (ital. f; 4+7)

Addressed (O): To my very good brother & honorable Sir Robert Cecil one of her Magestyes Pruie Councel & principall Secretarie. [seal]

Endorsed: Erl of oxenford to my master.

NB: Fowler designates incorrectly as CP 18/80. Ward and thence Fowler date this letter March 1601; I have dated it May 1601 on the grounds of its similarity to the following letter.

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