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[=33] Cecil Papers 182/23 (bifolium, 298mm x 210mm); 11 May 1601 (W000;F000)

I receyved this morninge yowre message by H{enry} Loke, wherby I see yow have not forgotten me to her Magestie, and so as yt ys muche to my contentment, I protest to god not so muche in that sumwhat her Magestie doothe satisfise my desyre, but that I finde that assurednes in yowre kindnes to me, wyth whome as we are streyghly [= straightly, closely] alyed, ther ys no reasone but I showld make especiall account of before all others, so am I glad mooreover to find an especiall friend constant and assured in yowre woorde. whiche thinge I vov [=vow] to god to acknowlege to yow in all faythe kindnes and loue, and in whatsoever I may stand yow in sted w{hi}ch accordinge to myn estate now ys littell, but in good will very great I will [acknowleg] wythe all alacrite and well wishinge performe, and this I boothe speake and wright vnto yow from my hart. Wherfore as yow have begone, so I most ernestly desyre yow to styke to me in this cause, for yt ys a thinge wherof I make great account, and yt ys a friendship whiche yow have done me aboue thankes, whiche I will frely impart to yow at my cominge to the Court, w{hi}ch I thinke shalbe to morow by the grace of God. tyll whiche tyme as a hater of ceremonies I will refer all other thankes and obseruationes whiche in me are as far from ordinarie accomplishments, as my thankfull accepetance of thys yowre frendly and brotherly office ys nere my harte simple and vnfayned. I sent my man as H. Loke informed me vnto yow that he myght open sumwhat moore playner the cause, the moore yow shall countnance him the more bouldly and frely he will certefie yow. I will only now end wholy recommendinge my cause to yowre friendship, assuringe yow that ther ys nothinge in the world that I esteme more or accept more kindle [=kindly] then yowre brotherly and frendly office which yow at thy [=this?] present vndertake in my behalfe. to morrowe I hoope to se yow my selfe at the court where I will more francly and frely declare my self. for to day, althowghe I thowght to have come to yow yet consideringe yowre manyfold causes I thinke yt best to forbeare. In the meane seasone I rest yowre most thankfull brother and assured friende

(signed) Edward Oxenford (4+7)

Addressed (O): To my very welbeloued friende and brother S{i}r Robert Cecil, principall Secretarie to her Magestie. [trace of seal]

Endorsed: xjmo Maij The Earle of Oxenford to my M{aste}r

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