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[=34] Cecil Papers 88/101 (bifolium, 232mm x 170mm), Oxford to Cecil; 7 October 1601 (W337;F593).

My very good Brother, yf my helthe hadd beene to my mynde I wowlde have beene before this att the Coorte, aswell to haue giuen yow thankes for yowre presence, at the hearinge of my cause debated as to haue moued her Magestye for her resolutione. As for the matter, how muche I am behouldinge to yow I neede not repeate, but in all thankfulnes acknowlege, for yow haue beene the moover & onlye follower therofe for mee, & by yowre onlye meanes, I have hetherto passed the pykes of so many adversaries. Now my desyre ys, sythe them selues whoo have opposed to her Magestyes ryghte seeme satisfisde [=satisfied], that yow will make the ende ansuerable, to the rest of yowre moste friendlye procedinge, for I am aduised, that I may passe my Booke from her Magestie, yf a warrant may be procured to my cosen Bacon and Seriant [=Sergeant] Harris to perfet [=perfect] yt. Whiche beinge doone, I know to whome formallye to thanke, but reallye they shalbe, and are from me, and myne, to be sealed vp in an aeternall remembrance to yowre selfe. And thus wishinge all happines to yow, and sume fortunat meanes to me, wherby I myght recognise soo diepe merites, I take my leaue this 7th of October from my House at Hakney. 1601.

Yowre most assured and louinge Broother.

(signed) Edward Oxenford (ital.; 4+7)

Addressed (O): To the ryghte honorable & my very good Broother Sir Robert Cecill on [=one] of her Magestyes pryvie Councel and principall Secretarie giue thes at the Coorte. [seal]

Endorsed: 1601 7 October: Erle of Oxenford to my Master.

NB: Photo in Mysterious, p. 758.

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