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[=35] Cecil Papers 89/124 (bifolium, 235mm x 170mm), Oxford to Cecil; 22 November 1601 (W000;F607).

My good Brother, in that I haue not sent an answer to yowre laste letter, as yow myght expect, I shall desyre yow too [=to] hould me for exscused, sythe ever sythence the receyt therof by reason of my syknes I have not been able to wryght. And whearas yow doo conceyve that I haue bene carried to [=too] muche by the conceytes of Cauley, I doo asssure yow ther ys no suche thinge. I haue vsed hym and soo doo styll as a follower of my busines, wherin I doo not finde any cause to blame but rather recommend hys diligence. for Councell I haue suche lavers [=lawyers], and the best that I can gett as are to be had in London, whoo have aduised me for my best course, to desyre that her Magestye wowld graunt me her warrant signed, for the dravinge [=drawing] of a booke mentioninge what her plesure ys to graunt me concerninge the Escheete of Sir Charles Davers (de bene esse, quantum in Regina est) wherby shall ensue no preiudice vnto any of the pretenders whiche subieste [=suggest, pretend?] to be interessed [=interested] in any of the sayd landes, in regard, that yf the Quiene haue no titell, there passethe nothinge to mee. It ys a common course notwythstandinge any office founde agaynste the Quiene, that her Magestye grauntethe concealed landes in this course, whearof there are many yearly precidentes. So yat her Magestye grauntinge this to me, grauntethe but her owne interest, whiche in effect had bene nothinge, consideringe how this cause hathe bene caried, and so lekly to haue bene obscured for ever, yf yt had not bene my hap to have styrred therin.

for the rest of yowre letter, whatsoever yow have written, although yt be sum discoragment vnto me, yet I cannot alter the opinion whiche I have conceyved of yowre vertu and constancie, neyther can I suffer yt to enter my thought that a vayne fable can brandel the clearnes of yowre guyltles conscience sythe all the world doothe know that the crymes of Sir Charles Dauers were so byfolde, that Iustice could not dispence any farther; wherfore I cannot leue [=leave, abandon] that hoope and trust whiche I have hadd in yowre promises, but as I have done styll I doo wholy rely my self on yowre only friendship, and thus desyring yow to beare with the weaknes of my lame hand, I take my leaue from Hakney this 22th of November 1601.

Yowre louinge and assured Brother to his powre

Edward Oxenford (ital.; 4+7)

Addressed (O): To my very welbeloved Brother Sir Robert Cecil principall Secretarie to her Magestie [seal]

Endorsed: 22 Nouember 1601; The Earle of Oxford to my Master

NB: Fowler, who did not locate the original, cites an incomplete text from Trout.

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