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[=43] Cecil Papers 100/108 (bifolium, 305mm x 200mm), Oxford to Cecil; 19 June 1603 (W343-4;F802-3).

My Lord I vnderstand how honorablye yow do perseuer in yowre promised fauoure to me, whiche I takinge in most kynde manner, can at thys tyme acknowlege yt but by simplel yet hartye thankes, hopinge in god to offer me at sumtyme or other the oportunite wherby [sume] I may in [a] moore effectuall manner expresse my gratfull mynde. I further also vnderstande that thys daye Mr Atturnye ys leeke [=like, likely] to be at the Courte. Wherfore I most ernestly desyre yowre Lordshype, to procure and [=an] ende of this my sute in sekinge wherofe I am growne owlde and spent the chiefest tyme of myn age. The casse as I vnderstand by yowre Lordship, Sir E. Cooke his Magestyes Atturnye hathe reported, the Iustice therof I doo not dout, but [+it] doothe appere, there remaynethe only a warrant accordinge to the kinges lat [=late, recent] order to be signed by the syx Lordes in Commissione wherby Mr Atturnie generall may procede accordinge to the course vsuall.

The Kynge I here [=hear] doothe remoue to morow towards Windsor, wherby yf by yowre Lordships especiall fauour ^\\yow// doo not procure me a full end thys day or to morrowe, I cannot looke for any thynge moore then a longe delaye. I doo well perceyve how yowre Lordship, doothe traurll [=travail] for me in this cause of an espetiall grace and fauoure, notwythstandinge the burden of moore importunat and generall affayres, then thys of my particular. wherfore how muche the expeditione of this matter concernes me I leaue to yowre wisdome, that in yowre owne apprehensione, can reede moore then I have wrytten. to conclud I wholye relye vpon yowre Lordships honorable friendeship, for whiche I doo vove [=vow] a most thankfull and gratfull mynde. thys 19 of Iune.

Yowre most louinge assured friende and Brother in Lave

E. Oxenforde (ital.; knot)

Addressed (O): To the ryght honorable my very good Lorde the Lord Cecill of Essingdone. [seal]

Endorsed: 19 Iune 1603 Erle of Oxford to my Lord

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