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[=04] BL Lansdowne 14[/84], ff. 185-6, Oxford to Burghley, 22 September 1572 (bifolium, 265mm x 230mm, 265mm x 195mm [evidently cropped]) (W73;F97-8).

NB: This letter has been normalized by a later hand; I have attempted to reproduce the letter as Oxford wrote it.

My Lorde, I receiued yowre letters, when I rather loked to haue sene yowre selfe here, then to haue harde [=heard] from yow: but sithe it is soo, that yowre Lordship is other wise, affaired withe the busines of the common wellthe, then to be disposede to recreat yowre selfe, and repose ye amonge yowre owne, yet we do hope, after this yow hauinge hade so great a care of the Queens Maiesties seruice, yow will begine to haue sume respect of yowre owne healthe, and take a plesure to duele where yow haue taken paine to builde; My wife (whome I thowght showld haue taken her leue [=leave] of yow, if yowre Lordship hade come, till yow wowld haue otherwise commanded, is departed vnto the contrie this day: my selfe, as fast as I cane get me ought of towne, doo followe. Where <..............> I be any way imploide, I am content and desiroues so[?] <........... serv>ice, wher by I may show my selfe dutifull to her. otherwise if it wer<.......> that respecte, I thinke ther is more troble then credite to be gotten in suche gouermentes. if ther were any seruice to be done abrode, I hadd rather serue there, then att home, wher yet sume honor were to be gotte; if ther be any settinge forthe to sea, to whiche seruice I beare most affectione, I shall desire yowre Lordship to giue me and gett me that fauoure and credite, that I myght make one. whiche if [..] therbe no suche intention, then I shalbe most willinge to be imploide on the sea costes [=coasts], to be in a redines withe my contrie man against any invasione. Thus recomendinge my selfe to yowre good Lordshipe, I commite yow to god. from Londone, this 22th of September. by yowre Lordship to commande.

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

Addressed (O): To <the right honorable my> singuler good lord, <the lord> Burley, and lord tresorer of Ingland giue thes att the courte. [seal]

Endorsed: 22 September 1572; the Erle of oxf<ord> to my master

Second endorsement: [Employment at sea]; Desires his Lordship to procure him some employment in ye Queenes service: but especially, which hee chyfly bends to, at sea.

Third endorsement: 22 September 1572.

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