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[=05] BL Lansdowne 14[/85], ff. 186-7, Oxford to Burghley, 31 October 1572 (bifolium, 278mm x 195mm) (W76;F107).

My lord, yowre last letters, whiche be the first I haue receiued, of yowre lordshipes good opinion conceiued towardes me, (whiche god graunt so longe to continue) as I wowld be bothe desirowes and diligent to seke the same, haue not a littell, after so many stormes passed of yowre heui [=heavy, disapproving] grace towardes me, lyghtned and disburdned ["d" is interlinear] my carfull minde. And sithe I haue bene so littell behouldinge to senister reportes, I hope now, withe yowre Lordships indiferent iugment, to be more plausable vnto yow then her to fore [=heretofore], throught [=through] my carfull dedes, to please yow, whiche hardly, eyther throwght [=through] my yowthe, or rather misfortune hether to I haue donne. But yet, least those, (I can not tell how to terme them,) but as bakfriendes vnto me, shall take place againe to vndo yowr lordshipes beginninges of welconceiuinge of me, I shall most ernestlye desire yowre Lordshipe to forbere to beleiue to [=too] fast, least I growinge so slowlie into yowre good opinion may be vndeseruedly of my parte, roted ought of yowre fauoure. The whiche thinge, to allwayes obtayne, (if yowre lordshipe doo but equally consider of me) may se by all the meanes possible in me, I doo aspire. thought [=though] perhapes by reasone of my yowthe, yowre grauer and seuerer yeres will not iuge the same, Thus therfore hopinge the best in yowre lordshipe, and feringe the worst in my selfe, I take my leaue, least my letters may become lothsume and tedious vnto yow to whome I wishe to be most gratfull, written this 31th of October by yowr Louinge sune in Lawe from wiwehole

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

This bearer hathe sum ned [=need] of yowre Lordships fauoure, whiche when he shall speake withe yowre Lordship I pray yow, for my sak [=sake] he may finde yow the more his furtherer and helper in his cause.

Addressed: To the right honorable my singuler good Lord the Lord Treasorer geue these. At Court. [seal]

Endorsed: 31 October 1572

Second endorsement (B): Erl of oxford

Third endorsement: Vpon a reconciliation of his father in Law towards him.

NB: Photo and transcription in Greg, No. 28(a).

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