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[=08] Cecil Papers 8/76 (bifolium, 300mm x 205mm, repaired), Oxford to Burghley; 27 November [1575] (W109;F196).

My Lord. hauinge th'oportunite to write by this bearer whoo departethe from vs her [=here] in Padowa, this night, althought I cannot make so large a write as I wowld gladly desire yet I thought it not fitt too lett so short a time slipe [=slip]. wherfore remembringe my commendationes to yowre good Lordshipe, thes shalbe to desire yow to pardon the shortnes of my letters, and to imput it at this present to the hast of this messengers departure. And as concerninge myne owne matters, I shall desire yowr Lordship to make noo staye of the salles of my land, but that all thinges [+be] accordinge to my determinationes before I came away. withe those that I appointed last by my seruant william Bothe myght goo forward, accordinge to myne order taken, witheought any other alteration. thus recommendinge my self vnto yowre Lordship againe, and to my Ladie yowre wife, withe mine [=my wife (Anne)], I leaue further to troble yowre Lordship from Padoua. the 27h of Nouember.

Yowr Lordships

too command

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec.f; 4+7)

Addressed (O): To the right honorable and his verie good lord my Lord Burley lord Treasorer of England giue thes

Endorsed: 27 November 1575 The Erle of Oxenford to my lord from Padoua the sale of his landes not to be stayed.

NB: Fowler designates (inconsistently) as CP, ii, 122.

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