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[=10] Cecil Papers 9/1 (bifolium, 300mm x 205mm), Oxford to Burghley; 27 April [1576] (W121;F248-9).

Mi lord, all thought [=although] I have forborne, in sume respect, whiche I hould priuat to my self ether to write ore come vnto yowre Lordshipe, yet had I determined, as oportunitie should haue serued me, to haue acomplished the same in compas of a feue dayes.

But now vrged therunto by yowre letters, to satisfie yow the soner, I must let yowre Lordship vnderstand thus muche.

That is vntill I can better satisfie or aduertise miself of sume mislekes, I am not determined as touchinge my wife to accompanie here [=her]. What they are because sume are not to be spoken of or written vpon as imperfections I will not deale withall, sume that otherwayes discontent me I will not blas [=blaze] ore publishe vntill it pleas me. and last of all I mean not to werie my life any more withe suche trobles and molestationes as I haue endured nor will I to please yowre Lordship only, discontent my self. Wherfore as yowre Lordship veri well writethe vnto me that yow mean if it standethe withe my lekinge [that] to receiue her in to yowre howse, thes are lekwise to let yowre Lordship vnderstand that it dothe veri well content me, for there as yowre doughter or her mothers more then my wife yow may take comfort of her and I rid of the comber therby, shall remaine well eased of many griefes. I doo not dought but she hathe sufficient proportion for her beinge to liue vpon and to maintaine herself. This myght haue bene done throwght [=through] priuat conference before and had not neded to haue bene the fable of the world yf yow wowld haue had the patience to haue vnderstood me, but I doo not know by what ore whose aduise it was, to rune that course so contrarie to my will or meaninge, whiche made her disgraced, [too?] the world reised suspitions openly, that withe priuate conference myght haue bene more silently handled, and hathe giuen me more greater cause to misleke. Wherfore I desire yowre Lordship in thes causes now yow shall vnderstand me not to vrge me any farther. and so I write vnto yowre Lordship as yow haue done vnto me. this friday the 27h of Aprill.

Yowre Lordships to be vsed in all thinges resonable.

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

Addressed (O): To the right honorable and his <verie> good lord, the Lord Burley Thresorer of England giue thes. [seal]

Endorsed (B): 27 Aprill 1576; Erl of Oxford from Grenwych

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