Oxford letter of 13(?) July 1576 (760713.html)

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[=11] Cecil Papers 9/15 (bifolium, 300mm x 210mm), Oxford to Burghley; [13 July 1576] (W125;F266).

My verie good lord, yesterday, at yowre Lordships ernest request I had sume conference with yow abought yowre doughter, wherin for that her Magestie had so often moued me, and for that yow delt so ernestly withe me, to content as muche as I could, I dyd agre that yow myght bringe her to the court withe condition that she showld not come when I was present nor at any time to haue speche withe mee, and further that yowre Lordship showld not vrge farther in her cause. But now I vnderstand that yowr Lordship means this day to bringe her to the court and that yow mean afterward to prosecut the cause withe further hop [=hope]. Now if yowre Lordship shall doo so, then shall yow take more in hand then I haue or can promes yow. for alwayes I haue and will still prefer myne owne content before others. and obseruinge that wherin I may temper or moderat, for yowre sake I will doo most willingely. Wherfore I shall desire yowre Lordship not to take aduantage of my promes till yow haue giuen me sum honorable assurance by letter or word, of yowre performance of the condition which beinge obserued, I caud [=could?] yeld [=yield], as it is my dutie to her Magesties request, and beare withe yowre fatherly desire, towards her. otherwise, all that is done can stand to non effect. from my loginge at Charinge crosse. this morninge. Yowre Lordships to emploi

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

Addressed (O): To the right honorable and his verye good Lord the lord Thresorer of England giue thes. [seal]

Endorsed (B): 13 Iulij 1576; The Erle of oxford. Received at St Ionnes [=St John's College, Cambridge?]

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