Oxford letter of 21 May 1578 (780521.html)

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[=12] PRO SP12/149[/42(15)], f. 108v (eleventh leaf of a booklet of twelve leaves, 305mm x 205mm), Oxford to Meta Incognita syndicate; 21 May 1578 (W238-9;F274).

(registered copy, not in Oxford's hand)

To my very loving fryndes william pellham & thomas randolphe esquiers, Mr yonge, Mr Lok, Mr Hogan, Mr fyeld, & others the Commyssyoners for the voyage to Meta incognita/.

After my very harty Commendacions / vnderstandinge of the wyse proceding & orderlie deallinge for the contynewynge of the voyage for the dyscourye [=discovery] of Cathay by the Northwest, which this bearar my frynd Mr froobusher hathe alreadye very honorablye attempted, and is now eftsones to be employed for the better atchyvyng therof / and the rather induced aswell for the great lykynge her Maiestie hathe to haue the same passage dyscoured, as also for the speciall good favour I beare to Mr frobusher, to offer vnto you to be an adventurar therin for the summ of one thousand pounds or more, yf you lyke to admytt therof, which summ or summes vppon your certifficat of admyttance, I wyll enter into bond shalbe paid for that vse vnto you, vppon Michaelmas day next comyng / Requestyng your answers therin, I byd you hartely farewell / ffrom the Court the xxj of May 1578.

Your loving frynd,

Edward Oxenford

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