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[=14] BL Lansdowne 38[/62], ff. 158-9 (bifolium, 300mm x 190mm, 225mm x 190mm), Oxford to Burghley; [?20 June 1583] (W245-6;F303).

I have bene an ernest suter vnto yowre Lordship, for my Lord Lumley, that it wowld pleas yow for my sake to stand his good lord and friend whiche as I perceyve yowre Lordshi<p> hathe alreadie very honorablye <........... for> the which I am in a number of thinges more then I can reken bound vnto yowre lordship so am I in this lekwise especially. for he hathe mached [=matched, married] withe a near kinswoman of myne, to whose father I allwayes was behouldinge vnto, for his assured and kind disposition vnto me. further amonge all the rest of my blud, this only remaynes in account ether of me or els of them, as yowre lordship dothe knowe very well, the rest havinge imbraced further alliances, to leaue thear nearer consanguinite. and as I hope yowre lordship dothe account me now on whome yow have so muche bound as I am to be yow<rs> before any els in the world, bothe through mache [=match, marriage], whearby I count my greatest stay, and by yowre lordshipes friendly vsage and stiken [=sticking] by me in this time whearin I am hege<d> in withe so many enemyes, so lekwise I hope yowre lords<hip> will take all them for yowre followers and most at Comman<d> whiche are inclyned and affected to me. Whearfore I sh<all> once agayne be thus bould withe <yowre> lordship to be <...> importunat in this matter <for> yowre lordships fauour in eas<ing> my lord Lumleys payment to her magestie whearin we <do> all giue yowre lordship thankes, and yow shall do me as g<reat> an honor hearin, as a profit yf it had ben to my self. in th<..> throught [=through] yowre lordships fauour I shalbe able to plesure my friend, and stand nedles of others, that have forsaken me. thus for that yowre lordship is trobled withe many matters whear yow ar I crave pardon for troblinge yow. yowre lordships to


(signed) Edward Oxenford (ital. f; 4+7)

Addressed (O): To the ryght honorable and his very good lord my lord Thresorer of England giue thes. [seal]

Endorsed (B): Erl of oxford for ye Lord Lumly

Second endorsement: 1583

NB: Fowler designates (incorrectly) as Lansdowne 38/621 (158).

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