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[=15] BL Lansdowne 42[/39], ff. 97-8 (bifolium, 305mm x 200mm), Oxford to Burghley; [30 October 1584] (W247-8;F320-1,332).

(In hand of amanuensis)
It is not vnknowne to your Lordship that I haue entred into a greate nomber of bondes to suche, as haue purchasyd landes of me, to discharge them of all Incombraunces: And bycause I stande indebtid vnto her Maiestie (as your Lordship knowythe) many of ye said purchasers do greatly feare somme troble likely to fall vppon them, by reason of her Maiestyes said debt, & espesially if the Bondes of ye Lord Darcy and Sir William Walgraue should be extendyd for the same, who haue two seuerall statutes of great sommes for their discharge Wheruppon [diu] many of ye said purchasers haue ben suters vnto me to procuer the discharginge of her Maiestyes said Debt, and do seme very willinge to beare the burden therof, yf by my meanes the same might be stalled paiable at some convenyent dayes / I haue therfore thought good to acquaynte your Lordship with this their suyte, requierynge moste earnestly your Lordships furtheraunce in this behalfe, wherby I shalbe vnburdened of a greate care, which I haue for the savynge of my honor, And shall by this meanes also vnburden my wyves Ioincture of yat charge which might happen herafter to be ymposyd vppon ye same, yf god should call your Lordship and me away before her. /

(Oxford's hand takes over)
Yowre Lordships

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

My lord, this other day yowre man stainner towld me that yow sent for Amis my man, and yf he wear absent that Lylle showld come vnto yow. I sent Amis for he was in ye way. And I thinke very strange yat yowre Lordship showld enter into that course towards me, wherby I must lerne yat I knev [=knew] not before, bothe of yowre opinion and good will towards me. but I pray, my lord, leaue yat course, for I mean not to be yowre ward nor yowre chyld, I serve her magestie, and I am that I am, and by allyance neare to yowre lordship, but fre, and scorne to be offred that iniurie, to thinke I am so weake of gouernment as to be ruled by servants, or not able to gouerne my self. Yf yowre Lordship take and follow this courcse, yow | deceyve yowre self, and make me take an other course then yet I have not thought of. whearfore thes shalbe to desyre yowre Lordship yf yat I may make account of yowre friendship, that yow will leave that cours as hurtfull to vs bothe.

Addressed (O): To the right honorable my very good Lorde the Lord Theausorer of England [seal]

Endorsed (B): The Erle of Oxford by Amyce his man [Amyce] [lylly]

Second endorsement: xxx october 1584; For securing those yat had purchased landes of him, his desire to take a course to pay his debt to ye Queen.

NB: Fowler prints an original-spelling transcription, citing not the original, but Feuillerat.

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