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[=16] BL Lansdowne 50[/22], ff. 49-50 (bifolium?, 305mm x 190mm, 150mm x 190mm), Oxford to Burghley; [25 June 1586] (W251;F342).

My very good lord as I have bene behowldinge vnto yow diuers tymes & of late, by my brother R. Cecill, wherby I have bene the better able to follow my sute, wherin I have sume comfort at this tyme from Mr Secretarie Wallsingham, so am I now bowld, to crave yowre lordships help at this present. for beinge now almost at a point to tast that good whiche her Magestie shall determine yet <am> I [as] on [=one] that hathe longe besieged a fort and not able to compas the end or reap the frut of his travel [=travail], beinge forst to leuie [=raise] his sige [=siege] for want of munition. Beinge therfore thus disfurnished and vnprouided to follow her Magestie as I perceyve she will loke for, I most ernestly desyre yowre lordship yat yow will lend me 200 pounds tyll her Magestie performethe her promes. out of which I shall make my payment yf it pleas yow with the rest yat yowre lordship hathe at sundrie tymes to my great furtherance and help in my causes ^\\sent me// by yowre seruant and stuard Billet. I wowld be lothe to have trobled yowre lordship with so muche yf I were not kept here bake [=back] with this tedious sut, from London, where I wowld have found means to have taken vp so muche to have serued my turne tyll her magestie had dispached me, but for that I dare not, hauinge bene here so longe, and the matter growinge to sume conclusion, be absent. I pray yowre lordship beare with me, yat at this time wherin I am to set my self in order I doo become so troblesume from the Court this morninge

Yowre Lordships ever bounden

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

Addressed (O): To the ryght honorable and my very good Lord my Lord Thresorer of England giue thes [seal]

Endorsed (B): 25 Iunij 1586 [top half of 6 cut off] Erl of oxford to borrow ijCli wherof I loa hym jCli

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