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[=17] BL Lansdowne 63[/71], ff. 181-2 (bifolium, 278mm x 195mm) Oxford to Burghley; 5 August [1590] (W304;F365).

My very good Lord, where I morgaged my lease of Auely to Mr Herdsone, and not as yet redemed, and now aswell for the supplye of my present wantes, as allso to haue sume thre hundred powndes of redye monye, to redeme certeyne leases at Henyngham [=Hedingham], whiche were gotten from me very vnresonablye, for diuers yeares yet induringe, and are of as good clere yerely walue, as my sayd leasse of Auely is, I therfore most earnestlye desyre yowre Lordship, to signefie yowre lickinge [=liking, approval] to me in wrightinge, to dispose of the sayd leas, at my plesure; otherwise ther is not any will deale wythe me for the same, nor for any part therofe, wherin I shall be greatlye behowldinge to yowre Lordship, as I am in all the rest of my whole estate. the 5th of August

yowre lordshipes.

to Command.

(signed) Edward Oxenford (ital. f; 4+7)

The lesse [=lease] dependethe vpon diuers casuallties, whiche lease I howld chieflye by yowre lordships fauoure, and the casualties, & defectes are as followe.

First the lease is made by the name of the master and chapleynes callede the Hospitall of the Sauoye, where the corporatione is, the master & the chapleynes of the hospitall of the Sauoy, & not called the Sauoye, & therfore the lease supposed voyde.

Secondlye Mr Paynes clayme, and pretendinge interest to the sayde leasse, dothe cost me on [=one] hundred pownd by the yere to defende.

Thirdly any creditoure of myne, to whome I am indetted, may by wryte of elegit, or fyre facias, or leuare facias, extend and sell the sayd leasse for a tryffell, and vtterly defait me therof. And I intend for 300l in monye, to redeme leases of myne owne Lande, of a greater yerlye value.

Addressed (O): To the ryght honorable and his very good Lord the Lord Thresorer of England giue thes [seal]

Endorsed: Received <5> August 1590: The Erle of Oxenforde to my Lord; Aueleie./.

Second endorsement: That his lordship would signify his liking in writing to dispose of his Lease of Aveley, without which none would deal with him for it.

NB: This letter is written in a decorative italic, with ligatures and clubbed features; but see signoff of Lansdowne 63[/76] as evidence that it is Oxford's hand.

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