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[=20] BL Lansdowne 68[/11], ff. 23, 28 (bifolium, 307mm x 200mm; 315mm x 205mm - evidently cropped), Oxford to Burghley; [30 June 1591].

My very good Lord. I doo vnderstand by Mr Foscue, yowre Lordshipes good dispositione, and willingnes to plesure me, in this my cause, wherin beinge deceyved by Hamptone, whome I dyd put in trust to followe the matter, forsomuche as he was the deuisor of the sute I sought remedie to her magestie that I myght have a neve [=new] lease to performe the first intentione of her graunte. In this I dyd not dout but to have ^\\had// yowre Lordships fauoure, for that I was borne in hand by hamptone that I showld haue a better lease. But I do finde his report was vntrue, and yowre Lordship not aduertised of myne estate. Now therfore I have sent vnto yowre Lordship a remembrance, wherby yowre Lordship may vnderstand how I have ben delt wythe. And I hope ther is no occasione giuen, but that yowre Lordship may bothe fauoure, and further, my matter as yow have ever done, being ryghtly informed. whiche beinge once ended as I dout not by yowre Lordshipes good meanes, and her Magesties dispositione to succore me at this tyme. As I desyred of yowre Lordship by my letters when fyrst this troble began to breake out, whilst her Magestie was at Thebaldes so I remayne in every poynt to satisfies [=satisfy] yowre Lordship, to yowre content and my quiet. whiche I hope by thes feve [=few] lynes yow will conceyve. and I have included herin thes notes as briefly as I may. whiche also I have sent vnto her magestie for the better vnderstandinge how to giue me remide. Thus desyringe yowre Lordship to fauoure me at this present as yow have done in this sute and in others hertofore I will take my leave, remayninge yowre Lordshipes

to Command

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

Addressed: To the ryght honorable and his very good Lord the lord Thresorer of England giue thes.

Endorsed (B): Vltimo Iunij 1591. Erle of Oxford for entent of Skynnars land

NB: Entire sheaf comprehends ff. 24-7 (see also _____). Annotated by Burghley.

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