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[=22] BL Lansdowne 76[/74], ff. 168-9 (bifolium, 295mm x 195mm), Oxford to Burghley; 7 July 1594 (W312-13;F484).

My very good Lord. yf yt pleas yow to remember, that about halfe a yere or there about past, I was a sutor to yowre lordshipe, for yowre favoure. that whearas I found sundrie abuses, wherby bothe her maiestie, & my selfe, were in myne office greatly hyndred, that yt wowlde please yowre Lordship, that I myght fynde suche fauoure from yowe, that I myght have the same redressed. At which tyme I found so good forwardnes in yowre Lordship, that I thowght my self greatly behowldinge for the same; yet by reason at that tyme myne Atturnye was departed the towne, I could not then send him to attend vpon yowre Lordship, accordinge to yowre appoyntment. But hopinge that the same dispositione styll remaynethe, towards the iustnes of my cause, and that yowre Lordship to whome my estate is so well knowne & how muche yt standethe me on, not to neglect as hertofore, suche occasions as to amend the same may aryse, frome myne office, I most hartely desyre yowre Lordship, that yt will please yow to giue eare to the state of my cause, and at yowre best lesure, admit ether myne Atturnie, or other of my councell in lave to informe yowre Lordship that the same beinge perfectly layd open to yowre Lordship, I may inyoy the fauoure from yow which I most ernestly desyre. In whiche doinge I shall thinke my self singulerlye behowldinge in this, as I have ben in other respects. this 7th of Iuly 1594.

Yowre Lordships ever to Command

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

Addressed (O): Too the ryght honorable & his very good Lord the Lord Thresorer of England. [seal]

Endorsed: 7 Iuly 1594 Erl of Oxford to my Lord; Great Chamberlainshipp of England

NB: Photo Greg, No. 28 (b-c).

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