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[=25] Cecil Papers 172/81 (bifolium, 287mm x 196mm), Oxford to Cecil; 21 October 1595.

Theare are tymes, whearin the vse of friendes, are so necessarie, that althoughe we be lothe to be combersone [sic], yet are we compelled, to thrust into theare handes, the trust of owre troblesume causes. Suche ys my state at this present, whoo in myne owne conceyte have no mistrust of yowre good dispositione towardes me, yet am I forced by what vnloked for occasione I can not tell, at thys tyme to turne my thowght vpon yow, as the only friend, wythe whome, I thinke I may be bowldest.

Whearfore for yat I vnderstoode, the great danger of lyfe, whearin Mr vicechamberlane lay, consideringe the vaynes & humors of yis worlde, I doo not mistrust, but many thinges hearby, fallinge into her Magestyes handes to bestowe, that theare wowld be many suters. And for that to the kepinge of the forest of Walthame, & the parke of Haueringe, myne evidences show me a certeyne ryght to the same, from whiche I cannot be perswaded tyll I know better to the contrarie. I haue most humbly wrytten to her Magesty that after so many bestowinges of yt vpon others voyd of any pretence, she will now atlenghe [=at length] giue eare, to the iustnes of my cause, & [atlenge] as she hathe often disposed yt vpon others vpon fauoure, that now not only vpon iustice, but also vpon grace she will deygne yt to the ryghtfull keper.

And thys I do not notice to yow, as yf I thowgh [=thought] yt in yowre powre to doo more then yt shall please to come of her maiesties owne dispositione, but for that yow are the only person that I dare relye vpon in the Courte, and at this present to implore as an instrument, to make my desyre knowne vnto her Magestye.

And thus hauinge opened to yow my cause, what I haue wrytten in effect to her Magestye and what I crave of yowre curtesie, I commit yow to God. thys 21 of October 1595.

Yowre louinge and assured friende and brother.

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

Addressed: To the ryght honorable & his very welbeloued friend & Brother in Lave, Sir Robert Cecil, one of her Magestyes pryvie Councel. [trace of seal]

Endorsed: 21 October 1595; Earl of Oxforde to my Master.

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