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[=26] Cecil Papers 44/63 (bifolium, 288mm x 198mm, folded unequally), Oxford to Cecil; 6 September 1596 (W000;F514).

The wrightinge which I have ys in the contrye, for I hadd suche care thearofe as I carried yt with me in a lyttell deske, to morow or the next day I ame to goo thether, and so sone as I come home by the grace of god I will send yt yow. The Earle of Darby showld have sett his hand and seale to thys copie, as he hadd done to yowres, but his promises, beinge but delayes and shiftes, in the meane seasone, I caused his officer Irland and an other to sett theare handes vnto yt, to wittnes that yt was a trwe copie. I named to yow in hast in my last letter, Mr Hykes. But I hadd forgott my self, yt was Mr Barnarddeux whome my lord imployed in that cause. and therfore I think him able to satisfise [=satisfy] all suche doutes as my lord may cast. I doo not dowte, but yf my lord hadd then any care therof, or Mr Barnarddeux but that yis assurance ys as fyrme as the lave [=law] can make yt theare was imployed in yt the Master of the Rooles then and now lord keper, and others of my lords lerned councell in lave, whoo I hope are sufficient to passe greater matters then ytt.

Thus takinge my leaue, frome Channon Row, this 6 of September 1596.

I remayne yowre louinge friende.

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

Addressed: To his very welbeloued and honorable friende Sir Robert Cecill principall secretarie to her Magestye and one of her hightnes [=highness] pryvye Councell giue theis. [seal]

Endorsed: 6 September 1596; Earl of Oxforde to my Master.

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