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[=27] Cecil Papers 44/101 (bifolium, 207mm x 200mm), Oxford to Cecil; 17 September 1596.

I have sent yow by this bearer the Copie which was in my hands but pervsinge the same, yt semethe to be not as I toke ytt, but rather a counterpane of her ioynture, then [=than] of her pensione. How my daughters occasiones are to vse the same I am ignorant, beinge made rather aquaynted thearwythe by common report, then [=than] frome her selfe, or any of her friendes. But I dout not, but that my lord and yow, dyd so well loke to the same, when yt was to be performed, that whatt assurance was to be made, was done wythe good aduise. I know that Barnardeux was the man who was imployed, and that the intent was for a pentione [=pension] of one thowsand poundes by yeares to be assured her so longe as my Lord of Darby liued, and to that end a lease to her vse was to be made over vnto yow and myself. How yt was followed yf this be not yt I know not. Wherfore I pray yow good Sir Robert Cecill, pervs [=peruse] this, and yf yt be not as I take yt yet have that care of yowre Niece, that yf yt be in the handes of Barnarddeux, yt may be sought owt. Also I am most ernestly to desyre yow that as yow are her vncle and nerest to her next my self, that yow will friendly assist her with yowre good aduise, yow know her yowthe, and the place wherin she lyves, and how muche to bothe owre houses, yt importes that she carrie her self, accordinge to her honor. Enemies are apt to make the worst of every thinge, flatterers will doo evill offices, and trwe and faythfull aduise, will seme harshe to tender eares. But sythe my fortune hathe sett me so far of [=off] as I cannot be at hand in this her troblesume occasiones, I hope yow will doo the good office of an vncle, and I commit vnto yow the authorite of a parent in myne absence. Thus confounded with the smalle vnderstandinge of her estate, and the care of her welldoinge, I leaue to troble yow any farther, most ernestly desyringe yow as yow can gett leysure, to aduertise me how her causes stand, and vpon whatt termes. whearof I assure yow I cannot yett tell whatt to thinke. this 17 of September 1596.

Yowre assured friende.

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

Addressed: To the ryght honorable and his very welbeloued friend Sir Robert Cecill Secretarie to her Magesty <giue thes> [seal]

Endorsed: 17 September 1596; The Erle of Oxon to my Master.

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