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[=28] Cecil Papers 37/66(b) (bifolium, ___mm x ___mm), Oxford to Cecil; 11 January 1597. Accompanies =49.

Good Sir Robert Cecill, whearas my wyfe hathe showed me, a supplicatione exhibited to the lordes of the Councell, agaynst her, I have longed bothe to yelde yow thankes for yowre curtesie, to her and my self in makinge her aquainted therwythe, and also to aduertise yow, how evdly [=lewdly, ignorantly] thearin he behaves himself. For as for my wyfe he chargethe, wythe a matter wherto she was never acknowleginge, as yf yow consider the datte of his supplicatione, which signefieth a fyve yeares agone, at whatt tyme I thinke she never knew the man, and muche lesse had any dealinges wyth him, as he cannot denye, and If I then weere maried vnto her yt was all. Whearas he pretendethe I made over to her my pensione [to her] with a conditione to pay all former warrantes graunted by me, yt is mearly fals, neyther hathe he any ground to say yt. wherfore how presumptuously he dothe abuse her, yow may easly iuge, as yat [+he] dares to make so impodently his complaynte of her, beinge as she ys: and to suche personages of qualite and statte, as are the pryvie Councell. I doo not dowt therfore, but as yow have begune wythe so honorable a procedinge, but yow will lett him have his desertes accordinge to his presumptione. And in the meane seasone for that a longe letter may be troblesume vnto yow, which have matters in hand of more importance, I thowght yt fytt, thus shortly to show the wronge don to her, and to refer the very ground and culler of his complaynt vnto an other sedule which I shall send yow.

Whearin yf he hath hadd any cause to have complayned, it showld then have bene agaynst my self, as the same will explayne. But his shyftes and knaveries are so grosse and palpable, that doutinge to bringe his partes [=parts? parties?] and iuglinges [=jugglings, deceptions] to light, he dothe adresse his petitione ^\\agaynst her// that ys vtterly ignorant of the cause. Thus desyringe yow to conceyv<.e.> how thankfuly I take thys honorable dealinge with my wyfe and friendly care to me, I will the lesse sett forthe in woordes whatt I the more desyre in deeds to show, if I weare so happie as to fynd oportunite. this 11h of Ianuarie 1597.

Yowre assured friende and Brother in lave

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

Addressed (O): To the ryght honorable and his very good friend Sir Robert Cecill on [=one] of her Magesties pryvoye Councel and principle Secretarye.

Endorsed: 12 January 1596. Earl of Oxeford to my Master. The controuersie betwene him and Gurley.

NB: Thomas Gurlyn submitted a counter-petition to Burghley 30 January 1597: Cecil Papers 173/27; CP, vii, 48.

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