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[=29] PRO SP12/264[/111], ff. 151-1A (bifolium, 285mm x 195mm), Oxford to Burghley; 8 September 1597 (W330;F524).

My very good lord I have pervsed thes letters, which accordinge to yowre Lordships desyre I have returned. I do perceyve how bothe my Lord and Ladie doo perseuer, whiche dothe greatly content me, for Brigets sake, whome alwayes I have wished a good husband suche as yowre Lordship and my selfe may take comfort by. And as for the articles which I perceyve have bene moved betwiene yowre Lordship and them, (referringe all to yowre Lordships wisdome and good lekinge) I will frely sett downe myn opinione, accordinge to yowre lordships desyre.

My Lord of Pembroke ys a man syklye and therfore yt ys to be gathered he desyrethe in hys lyfte tyme [=lifetime] to se his sune bestowed to his lekinge. to compas which my thinkes [=me thinks] his offers very honorable, hys desyres very resonable. Agayne beinge a thinge agreable to yowre lordships fatherly care and loue to my dowghter. A thinge which for the honor, friendship, and lekinge I have to the mache [=match, marriage] ^\\very agreable to me// so that all partes [=parties] desyre but the same thynge. I know no reasone to delay yt, but accordinge to there desyres, to accomplishe yt with convenient speede. and I do not dowt, but yowre lordship and my self shall receyve great comfort therby. for the ionge gentelman, as I vnderstand hathe bene well browght vp, fayre conditioned, and hathe many good partes in hym. Thus to satisfise [=satisfy] yowre Lordship I have as shortly as I can set downe my opinion to my Lords desyres, notwythestandinge I refer thers, and myne owne which ys all on [=one] with theres, to yowre lordships wisdome. I am sorye that I have not an able bodie, which myght have serued to attend on her Magestye in the place where she ys, beinge espetially there, whyther without any other occasione, then to see yowre Lordship I wowld alwayes willingelye goo. September viijth 1597

Yowre Lordships most assured

(signed) Edward Oxenford (sec. f; 4+7)

Addressed (O): To the ryght honorable my very good lorde the lord Thresorer of England. [no seal]

Endorsed: 1597

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