Notes Concerning Deponents

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This list summarizes information about each of the deponents, with additional information concerning known wills.

1. Nicholas Bleake of Ware, yeoman, 57 years (7 Woodhall 1600)

2. Bennett Salter of Cullimpton, Devon, hosier, 39 years

3. Humphry Stile, St. Martins in the Field, near London, 37 years (checkinto Hamfrey, Southwarke, Surrey, 1603 19 Bolein)

4. Michael Grigg, St. Gregory in Paul's Churchyard, tailor, 46 years

5. Peter Legate of Avaley, Essex, gentleman, 46 years (1602, 15 Montague)

6. Iohn Lilly of London, esq., 44 years

Eccles, Mark, Brief Lives: Tudor and Stuart Authors, in Studies in Philology, 79, Texts and Studies (Fall, 1982), pp. 86-7 (John Lyly).

7. William Walter of Skenfreth, Monmouth, gentleman, 50 years

8. Israel Amice of Chestenhunt, Herts., 56 years g 9. Mary Howson wife of James Howson, St. Clement Danes, sadler, 56 years: 1614, widow, St. Mary in the Strand, 96 Lawe; sentence 6 Rudd

James: 1600, 67 Wallopp; par. of the Savoy in the Strand; Buckwaye not found 10. Anthony Brown, Northampton, tailor, 50 years

11. William Milles, St. Clement Danes, tailor, 48 years

12. Edward Hubberd, esq., "one of the six clerks of this honorable court", 58 years; 1602: Stansteede Mountfychett, Birchanger, Essex; 33 Montague

13. Morgan Allen, St. Dunstan in the Fleet, draper, 35 years; 1614: St. Andrew's Holborn, 3 Rudd

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