Judith Ruswell vs. Oxford

PRO C2/ELIZ/R8/29: Judith Ruswell vs. Oxford
PRO C24/269, Part 1, No. 68 (Interrogatories)

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Transcriber's note: This case is unusually complex because it is unusually complete. Surviving elements include Judith Ruswell's original Complaint, Oxford's Answer, Ruswell's Replication, two Interrogatories, and thirteen Depositions. Because of its complexity, the case is presented here in its separate elements.

Judith Ruswell's Complaint.

Oxford's Answer.

Judith Ruswell's Replication.

Interrogatories (general).

Interrogatories (for Edward Hubert).

Deposition of Nicholas Bleak.

Deposition of Bennett Salter.

Deposition of Humphrey Style.

Deposition of Michael Grigge.

Deposition of Peter Legate.

Deposition of John Lyly.

Deposition of William Walter.

Deposition of Israel Amyce.

Deposition of Maria Howson.

Deposition of Anthony Brown.

Deposition of William Milles.

Deposition of Edward Hubberd.

Deposition of Morgan Allen.

Notes concerning deponents.

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