Deposition of Nicholas Bleake

PRO C24/269, Part 1, No. 68

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Deposition (13):

Ex p{ar}te Iudith Ruswell vid' com. vers{us} p{re}nobile{m} [Com] Edwardu{m} Comite{m} Oxon' def.

[1] Nich{ol}as Bleake of Ware in the Countie of Hertf{fordshire} yeoma{n} of the age of lvij yeeres or thereabo{uts} sworne & ex{amine}d the first daie of ffebruar{ij} A{nn}o 41 Eliz{abethae} R{egi}ne Saythe

1 That he dothe knowe Iudith Ruswell widdow the compl{ainan}t and the right ho{norable} the Earle of Oxf{ord} the defend{an}t and did very well knowe W{illia}m Ruswell the pl{ainan}t{es} late husband deceassed, who about seventene or eightene yeeres agoe was ^\\accounted to be// in reasonable good creditt [as he] & might as he verely thinketh have taken vp vppon his creditt in London wares to a reasonable good round su{m}me of moneye

2 That he doth knowe that the pl{ainan}t{es} said late husband was servant and tayler to the said defend{an}t but that he did take vp vppon his Creditt silk{es} silver and goolde lace and other wares & stuffs for the defend{an}t{es} \\vse// by his appoyntm{en}t [as is by way of demaund conteyned in that Interr{ogatory}] is more then this depon{en}t knoweth or [was] \\hath byn// made acquainted w{i}thall

3 That he [dothe verely] thinketh [that] the defend{an}t was endebted vnto the pl{ainan}t{es} said husband about the tyme afores{ai}d for the makinge of apparell for [him] the defend{an}t & \\for// some of his s{er}vant{es}, that was made by the defend{an}ts appoyntm{en}t, and more he cannot say to this Interr{ogatory}

4 That about seventene or eightene yeeres \\agoe//, the defend{an}t deliu{er}ed vnto this deponent beinge ^\\then// his s{er}rvant, a booke (w{hi}ch as yt semed was a booke of p{ar}ticulers of c{er}teine [that the] thing{es}, that the pl{ainan}t{es} s{ai}d husband had sett downe to be owinge to him for by the defend{an}t) as chiefly for makinge of the defend{an}t{es} and some of his s{er}vant{es} apparell, and that [dep] booke was deliu{er}ed vnto him this depon{en}t to viewe, and p{er}vse and to cast vp what the ^\\totall of the// p{ar}ticulers therof did [amount] \\come// vnto, w{hi}ch he accordingly did, and afterward{es} sett his hande therevnto, And sayth that the booke [now] of p{ar}ticulers now shewed vnto him at the tyme of this his ex{amin}ac{i}on, is the same booke as he verely thinketh that was [as] deliu{er}ed vnto him by the defend{an}t about the tyme and for the entent afores{ai}d, [w{hi}ch] and he is the rather enduced so to thinke because he fyndeth his name [scr] subscribed therevnto w{hi}ch he confesseth is of his owne hande, and for that also he fyndeth & seeth in the ^\\m{ar}gent{es} [of the] & other places of the// same booke diu{er}s notes & remembranc{es} of his owne hande wrytinge, By w{hi}ch booke yt appeereth [that] by this depon{en}t{es} sum{m}inge vp of the p{ar}ticulers y{a}t the totall came vnto 809li 3s 2d or thereab{outs} [as by the] whereof the said Ruswell acknowledged him self to have receaved at & before that tyme at the hand{es} (of Will{ia}m Walters gent{leman} then also s{er}vant to the defend{an}t) the su{m}me of CCCli vjs: whereof this depon{en}t made a note or memorand{um} in the said booke as by the same may appere wherevnto for more c{er}teintie he referreth himself, And sayth | further that the said compl{ainan}t{es} husband about some three weeks as he remembreth after the deliu{er}y of the same booke to this depon{en}t as afores{ai}d did come to this depon{en}t in the defend{an}t{es} name, and fetcht \\yt// from him, and as he thinketh did tell this depon{en}t that he then should have money of [.] the defend{an}t but this depon{en}t to his best remembrance did not make the defend{an}t privie [to] nor acquainted what the said p{ar}ticulers did amount vnto, neither did the defend{an}t eu{er} demaund the same [as] to his remembrance, and therefore he cannot say any thing touchinge his like or dislike thereof, neither doth he knowe of any promise made by the defend{an}t for the paym{en}t of fyve hundred pound{es} as is [demaunded] \\suppposed// by the Interr{ogatory} / Nor more can depose therevnto

5 That more then the said booke ^\\of dett// now shewed him whereat ^\\he seeth// his hande [in] he dothe not knowe that the pl{ainan}t{es} husband ^\\had [for thing{es}] any booke conteyning dett{es}// [as] owing [to] him by the defend{an}t And more then as is afores{ai}d he cannot directly answere to this Interr{ogatory} vntill suche tyme as [she] \\he// shall have p{er}vsed c{er}teine account{es} w{hi}ch hee hath the coppies of, w{hi}ch were for c{er}teine moneys paid by the s{ai}d Will{ia}m Walters for the defend{an}t, as his debte

(signed on each page) N Bleake

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