Deposition of Bennett Salter

PRO C24/269, Part 1, No. 68

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Endorsed: p. 1: "Ruswell vid con{tra} Edovardu{m} Comit{em} Ox in forma paup{er}is; Nicholas Bleake; hadd 41 Eliz Re"

[2] Bennett Salter of Cullimpton [=Cullumpton] in the Com' of Devon hosier of the age of xxxix yeres or thereab{outs} sworne and exa{mi}ned the 27 day of Marche Anno Regnis R{egi}ne Eliz{abethe} xljmo deposeth & saith

1. To the first Interr{ogatory} That he doth very well know Iudith Ruswell widdow now Compl{ainant} and the right ho{norable} the now Earle of Oxon' def{endant} and did also very well know Will{ia}m Ruswell the pl{ainan}t{es} late husband deceased whose s{er}vaunt & apprentice this d{e}p{onen}t sometymes was hard anere [=hard anear, nearly] three yeres together In w{hi}ch tyme the sayd W{illia}m Ruswell being the defend{an}t{es} Taylor & M{aste}r of his wardropp (being at what tyme the [ty] def{endant} was as this d{e}p{onen}t termeth yt in the cheiffest of his Royaltye) the sayd W{illia}m Ruswell he saith was then [a] in that tyme accompted to be of very good creditt & so knowen to be & might in that tyme have taken vpp wares lardgely vppon his creditt w{i}thin the Cittye of london.

2. That he very well knoweth that the s{ai}d Will{ia}m Ruswell [was] in the foresayd tyme that this d{e}p{onen}t so s{er}rved him was s{er}vaunt and Taylor to the sayd def{endant} and at some c{er}ten tymes did vppon his owne creditt take vpp silk{es} & silver and gould lace & other wares and stuff{es} as broadcloth & holland & canvas for lynyng{es} & such thing{es} for the sayd def{endant} & to his the def{endan}t{es} vse by his order & appoyntm{en}t w{hi}ch wollen or broadecloth was taken vp for the moost p{ar}te of one Peter Hardcastle a wollendrap{er} then dwelling in ffleet streete & sometymes of one Mr Dunchecombe a wollendrap{er} then dwelling in Watling streete at the signe of the bottle and the lynnen lynyng{es} [&] were taken vp of one Mayn{er}de a lynnen drap{er} then dwelling in the Strond w{i}th whome the s{ai}d W{illia}m Ruswell stroke his bill{es} for some p{ar}te of the same because for those thing{es} the def{endan}t{es} creditt neu{er} stood for yt And he saith he k{nowe}th this to be true for because this d{e}p{onen}t did fetche moost of the sayd stuff{es} himself & had order therevnto & for thing{es} of much more value at that tyme from & vnder the s{ai}d Will{ia}m Ruswell whose booke of reckenyng{es} this d{e}p{onen}t then kept so simply as he cold and saith that in the latter tyme of this d{e}p{onen}t{es} being s{er}vaunt to the said W{illia}m Ruswell he the said Will{ia}m Ruswell attending on the def{endant} at her Ma{ies}t{ies} Co{u}rt this d{e}p{onen}t was ymployed the more vnder him for fetching & taking vpp of wares & stuff{es} such as afores{ai}d for the defend{an}t{es} vse here in london and such was this d{e}p{onen}t{es} creditt at that tyme as s{er}vaunt to the s{ai}d W{illia}m Ruswell because of the great doing{es} & making{es} of apparell that the s{ai}d W{illia}m Ruswell | then had for and vnder the s{ai}d defend{an}t as that this d{e}p{onen}t comying in his then M{aste}r the s{ai}d Will{ia}m Ruswell{es} name might have taken vpp wares yf he wold a thowsand pound{es} worth at a tyme of dyvers & sundry p{er}sons who then had the s{ai}d W{illia}m Ruswell to their Customer as there be them yet alyve in london who he sayth can witnes as muche / but he saith thies thing{es} [th] so taken vpp vppon the creditt of the s{ai}d W{illia}m Ruswell were not a q{ua}rter nor half q{ua}rter of the value of those garment{es} w{hi}ch the sayd W{illia}m Ruswell made for the s{ai}d def{endan}t{es} vse ffor he saith that for garm{en}t{es} of greattest place the wares & stuff{es} that went therevnto were taken vpp by direcc{i}on of Mr Walters [my] the def{endan}t{es} pursebearer & the s{ai}d W{illia}m Ruswell together by whose direcc{i}ons this d{e}p{onen}t did fetche moost of those thing{es} and for such wares so taken vp this d{e}p{onen}t had an accompt of three thosand & odd pound{es} to make for Alderman Skynn{er} then but Mr Skynn{er} of whome those wares were taken vpp and for xvij hundred ^\\& odd// pound{es} more then due by the def{endant} & vppon the def{endan}t{es} accompt to one Mr Phipps of St Martyns for wares fetcht & taken vpp by this d{e}p{onen}t by direcc{i}on as afores{ai}d

3. That when he d{e}p{ar}ted from the s{er}vice of the s{ai}d W{illia}m Ruswell w{hi}ch was about xx yeres ago he this d{e}p{onen}t did fynd by making out a bill out of the s{ai}d W{illia}m Ruswell{es} great booke of the p{ar}ticulers of the debtt then owing by the def{endant} to the s{ai}d W{illia}m Ruswell that the s{ai}d defend{an}t was then indebtted eight hundred & odd pound{es} to the s{ai}d W{illia}m Ruswell for making of garm{en}ts for the s{ai}d def{endan}t & his followers [and] by the def{endan}t{es} appointtm{en}t & for lynnen lynyng{es} & thing{es} that went to the making of the same garment{es} and for broad cloth & such other wares stuff{es} & necessaryes aforesayd that the s{ai}d W{illia}m Ruswell tooke vp vppon his owne creditt for the def{endan}t{es} vse & by the def{endan}t{es} appointm{en}t

4. That the sayd W{illia}m Russwell from tyme to tyme as he made any garm{en}t{es} or fetcht any wares or stuff{es} for the same garm{en}t{es} for the def{endan}t{es} vse during the s{ai}d tyme of this d{e}p{onent}t{es} dwelling w{i}th him did sett or cause to be sett downe into a great booke w{hi}ch he kept for that purpose the p{ar}ticulers of the same garm{en}t{es} stuff{es} & wares and made the def{endant} therein debttor for the same and all or most of those p{ar}ticulers were made & sett downe by this d{e}p{onen}t by direcc{i}on of the s{ai}d W{illia}m Ruswell who appoynted this d{e}p{onen}t to keepe the same booke & the accompt{es} of those bill{es} / and the p{ar}ticulers thereof & allwayes did cause the s{ai}d Mr Walters to see & view the same p{ar}ticulers [of] from tyme to tyme after this d{e}p{onen}t had entred the | same into the s{ai}d booke to see whether this d{e}p{onen}t had don the same right or no And so still as such entryes were made the s{ai}d W{illia}m Ruswell acquaynted the s{ai}d Mr Walters therew{i}th & w{i}th all his doing{es} that wayes for that the s{ai}d Walters was then all in all for & vnder the def{endant} to take charge of those accompt{es} & reckenyng{es} & eu{er} as Mr Walters had seen & viewed the same entryes he lyked & allowed thereof as for the def{endan}t{es} debtt but neu{er} putt his hand thereto that this d{e}p{onen}t can rem{em}ber And as touching the [.] pap{er} booke now shewed forth to him this d{e}p{onen}t at his examynac{i}on he saith that [the same] ^\\yt// ys the very same bill or [af] abstract of the p{ar}ticuler debtt{es} so entred by this d{e}p{onen}t into the s{ai}d W{illia}m Ruswell{es} [g] great booke & allowed of by the s{ai}d Mr Walters for the def{endan}t{es} debtt & was made & copied out by this d{e}p{onen}t at his going away from his M{aste}r the s{ai}d W{illia}m Ruswell as abovesaid amounting to eight hundred & odd pound{es} as by the p{ar}ticulers appeareth And as touching the def{endan}t{es} being made acquaynted w{i}th the same debtt he referreth himself to those that acquaynted his l{ordshi}pp therew{i}th being since this d{e}p{onen}t went away from his M{aste}r ffor w{hi}ch cause himself can say nothing in yt

5. That the s{ai}d W{illia}m Ruswell had & kept in the s{ai}d tyme that this d{e}p{onen}t dwelt w{i}th him but onely one great booke (almoost as bigg as a bible) [w{hi}ch] wherein the sayd W{illia}m Ruswell made the def{endant} his debttor And he saith that the bill & p{ar}ticulers thereof now shewed forth to this d{e}p{onen}t at his examynac{i}on was after yt was written out by this d{e}p{onen}t examyned & compared by this d{e}p{onen}t and another of his fellowes w{i}th the s{ai}d greatt booke both in the p{ar}cell{es} and the som{m}es and is in this d{e}p{onen}t{es} conscyence both a true bill or copie & also due debtt owing by the def{endant} to the s{ai}d W{illia}m Ruswell But what or how much [is] thereof ys receyved or p{ai}d since this d{e}p{onen}t went from his sayd late M{aste}r he doth not know nor more saith &c

(signed on each page) P{er} me Benett Salter

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