Deposition of Morgan Allen

PRO C24/269, Part 1, No. 68

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[13] Morgan Allen of the p{ar}ishe of St Dunstan [in the] in ffleetstrete London Draper aged 35 yeares or therabout{es} sworne and exam{ined} the 27 of Octob{e}r in the yeare aforesayd deposeth /

1 That he knoweth Iudith [Rush] Ruswell widowe the Compl{ainan}t, and the right ho{norable} Edward Earle of Oxforde the def{endan}t, and he did know W{illia}m Ruswell deceased the compl{ainan}t{es} late husband, who about foure or five yeares before his death was of resonable good Credite here in the Citty, ^\\of London// and might, and did take vp wares vpon his Credite of divers (as he hath heard) and he remembreth that he did then take vp clothe and silke lace and such other Com{m}odityes [as Pe] of Peter Legate this dep{onen}t{es} master to good rounde su{m}mes at severall tymes /

2 That he remembreth that the sayd W{illia}m Ruswell was the def{endan}t{es} Tayler and servant, and that he tooke vp ^\\cloth// lace, and buttons, and some other thing{es} for the def{endan}t{es} vse, but further he cannot depose

3, 4, 5 That he cannot say any thinge of any certenty therunto for he this dep{onen}t was never apoyntede to p{er}use these book{es} mencioninge the def{endan}t{es} debt{es} vnto the sayd W{illia}m Ruswell now shewed to him att the tyme of this [ex] his examinac{i}on / Howbeit he sayeth that the sayede Ruswell [changed from Rusworth] being indebted vnto the sayd Peter Legate for wares taken vp of him, did sett over ^\\vnto him// the def{endan}t{es} debt contayned in these book{es}, w{hi}ch how [much it is, or how] duly it was claymed by the sayde Ruswell he knoweth not; but he thinketh that the def{endan}t hath not dischardged any parte of it, for the sayd Peter Legate was an earnest sutor vnto his Lordshipp [f] to have the sayd debt satisfyed in some reasonable sort, and had the book{es} left w{i}th him for that p{ur}pose, but cold never gett any [recompence] paym{en}t by that meanes, toward{es} the dischardge of the said Ruswell{es} debt claymed in those book{es}, for any thinge he knoweth or hath heard, and more he cannot say to these inter{rogatories} [saving that the] of any certen knowledg

(signed) Morgan Allen

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